NFL Draft 2022: Los Angeles Rams Draft Analysis From The College Perspective

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NFL Draft 2022: Los Angeles Rams Draft Analysis From The College Perspective

Los Angeles Rams

NFL Draft 2022: Los Angeles Rams Draft Analysis From The College Perspective


2022 NFL Draft: From the college perspective, Los Angeles Rams draft analysis, picks, best value selection, and biggest reach

NFL Draft 2022: Los Angeles Rams Draft Analysis

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Los Angeles Rams Draft Picks: NFL Draft 2022

3 (104) OG Logan Bruss, Wisconsin
4 (142) CB Decobie Durant, South Carolina State
5 (164) RB Kyren Williams, Notre Dame
6 (211) S Quentin Lake, UCLA
6 (212) CB Derion Kendrick, Georgia
7 (235) DE Daniel Hardy, Montana State
7 (253) S Russ Yeast, Kansas State
7 (261) OT AJ Arcuri, Michigan State

Los Angeles Rams Draft Analysis: NFL Draft 2022

The Rams didn’t have any early picks, but they made the most of what they had. They didn’t start until late in the third round, so anything that comes out of the eight selections will be gravy on top of the Lombardi Trophy.

– They threw multiple picks at the concerns. They needed offensive line help, and Wisconsin’s Logan Bruss should be okay. They needed defensive backs, and they got four of them.  Watch out for UCLA S Quentin Lake in the sixth. However …

– Five picks came after the fifth round. This is a draft for special teams and possible developmental depth. That’s okay – the Rams are going for the here and now. Bruss should be fine, but that’s about it.


Los Angeles Rams Best Value Pick, Biggest Reach, Late Flier: 2022 NFL Draft

Best Value Pick: 6 (211) S Quentin Lake, UCLA

Biggest Reach: 4 (142) CB Decobie Durant, South Carolina State

Late Flier That Might Work: 6 (212) CB Derion Kendrick, Georgia

Los Angeles Rams Needs, Pre-Draft Analysis: NFL Draft 2022

The Rams will be spending most of their 2022 NFL Draft staring at their Super Bowl trophy. Welcome to the modern – and successful – NFL model of trading away your future and your picks for proven guys to WIN NOW. If you’re not going for the Super Bowl, then what’s the point?

– However, the Rams do need help, and they’re probably not going to get a ton of it. They have picks, but other than that 104 in the 3rd there’s a whole lot of pick-and-pray about to happen with six selections after the 4th.

– Beefing up the lines would be nice. No, there’s no replacing Von Miller at the 104, and it’s not going to be easy to do too much for the secondary late, but the goal might be to use all of those late picks to throw out options for the offensive interior to hope one of the options can stick.

So who’ll be there in the third round – the first pick – for Los Angeles? It might not be a thrill ride taking a third round guard as your first pick, but Kentucky Darian Kinnard and UCLA’s Sean Rhyan would be good targets. There should be a slew of corner and guard options around at the 142 – Wisconsin OG Logan Bruss, Georgia CB Derion Kendrick – to take a shot at.

Los Angeles Rams 2021 Draft Picks

2 (57) WR Tutu Atwell, Louisville
3 (103) LB Ernest Jones, South Carolina
4 (117) DT Bobby Brown, Texas A&M
4 (130) CB Robert Rochell, Central Arkansas
4 (141) WR Jacob Harris, UCF
5 (174) DE Earnest Brown, Northwestern
7 (233) RB Jake Funk, Maryland
7 (249) WR Ben Skowronek, Notre Dame
7 (252) LB Chris Garrett, Concordia (St. Paul)

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