College Football News: Latest Updates on Big Ten and SEC

College Football News: Latest Updates on Big Ten and SEC


College Football News: Latest Updates on Big Ten and SEC


On this day of craziness, here are the latest news, notes, and happenings across the college football world.

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Herbstreit: Big Ten To Delay Season, Not Cancel

In a tweet late Monday, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit put this out there on the Big Ten season, leaving open the possibility that there still might be some sort of a season.

Nebraska, Scott Frost Still Want To Play ... Somewhere

The Big Ten is still finalizing what’s going to happen for the 2020 college football season, but Nebraska head coach Scott Frost wants to play somewhere. Out of the 14 Big Ten presidents, reportedly, Nebraska was one of the votes to play this year.

The Big 12 To Meet Tuesday Night

While the Big Ten and Pac-12 appear to be aligned, and the SEC and ACC are supposedly of like minds, the Big 12 is still trying to decide its plan going forward …

Is There Still Hope For The Big Ten?

After all of the early reports about the Big Ten cancelling the 2020 college football season, is it possible that there’s some wavering happening? It’s more likely that this is merely procedural, but …

Is The SEC Trying To Expand For This Season?

The Dan Patrick Show appeared to nail it by breaking that the Big Ten was going to cancel its season – it’s not official, but he had it – and it also made news when it said the SEC might be trying to recruit other schools to be a part of a 2020 campaign.

Old Dominion To Cancel Its Football Season

Old Dominion joined UConn and the MAC as the only schools so far to officially cancel its 2020 college football season. It’s cancelling all fall sports.

Jim Harbaugh Wants The College Football Season To Happen

In the face of the news of a possible cancellation of the Big Ten season, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh released a statement.

Is The Big Ten REALLY Going To Cancel The Season?

Despite the early claims that the Big Ten was about to cancel the season, there was an almost instant push back. It might be because the Big Ten wants to get its messaging straight, or it wants other conferences to join in, but …

Report: The Big Ten To Cancel College Football Season

It all got started with a story from Chris Solari from The Detroit Free Press. Nothing is official yet, and there’s been some push back, but the rumors from Sunday appear to be coming true.

Army and Middle Tennessee Announce September Game

While everything else is rumored to be shutting down or stalling, Army and Middle Tennessee scheduled a season-opener for early September.


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