2022 NFL Draft: First Round Mock Draft Post-Combine 1-32

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2022 NFL Draft: First Round Mock Draft Post-Combine 1-32

2022 NFL Draft

2022 NFL Draft: First Round Mock Draft Post-Combine 1-32


2022 NFL Draft: Who are the hot names and who moved up the mock draft board after all the practices? Here’s our latest look at the first round.

2022 NFL Draft: First Round Mock Draft Post-Combine

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And there’s the next step in the process.

It’s not like the NFL Combine should tell any GM or scout anything they didn’t already know, but when a 340-pound defensive tackle runs like a tight end, and when the class of receivers are all ripping off sub-4.4s, there’s a buzz.

The most important part of the NFL Combine is what no one sees – the interviews. The meet-and-greets, the sewing circle scuttlebutt, and the chances to get to know some of the prospects a wee bit make the biggest impact.

And then come the pro days, when the stars show what they can do under ideal conditions with everything staged to make them look perfect.

After all the fun in Indianapolis, how does the 2022 NFL Draft first round look?

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Detroit Lions (from LA Rams)

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: WR Jahan Dotson, Penn State

The Lions would love for one of the quarterbacks to slide here, but don’t be too shocked if they still think Jared Goff might be okay. He needs more weapons, though. Dotson ran a 4.43 – not amazing for this group of receivers – but he’s a home run hitter.

Cincinnati Bengals

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: OT Bernard Raimann, Central Michigan

Offensive line, offensive line, offensive line. The Bengals can’t let Joe Burrow spend another year getting bounced around. The 6-6, 303-pound Raimann might still be a tad raw, but he’s got the athleticism to be special.

Kansas City Chiefs

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: CB Roger McCreary, Auburn

This might be a tad bit of a reach, but Kansas City is almost never about value when it needs and wants a certain player for its style. McCreary has the size and the physical ability to pound receivers.

Miami Dolphins (from San Francisco)

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: OT/OG Zion Johnson, Boston College

In a big draft for offensive linemen, the 6-3, 312-pound Johnson would be a steal here. He might not have the right height for some, but the versatility – combined with his dominance during Senior Bowl week – won’t let him get out of the first round.

Green Bay Packers

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: WR Chris Olave, Ohio State

If Davante Adams is buying property in the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area, does that mean he’s about to rejoin his former QB at Fresno State, Derek Carr? Even if he’s hanging around Green Bay, the 4.39 speed and smoothness of Olave adds another dynamic weapon to the mix.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: OT/OG Kenyon Green, Texas A&M

This might turn out to be way too low for him. The 6-4, 323-pounder is going to start for someone for a long, long time, but he’s a blaster of a run blocker who might be more of a true guard than some might like. Tampa Bay needs more blockers, and Green is a strong puzzle piece.

Tennessee Titans

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call:  WR Drake London, USC

No one wants to do the Best Position Player Available thing, but in this draft with so many great receivers, Tennessee is in a nice spot to take some good prospect who’ll fall. The 6-4, 219-pound London might not be a blazer, but he’s an instant star as a No. 2 guy next to AJ Brown.

Buffalo Bills

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: CB Trent McDuffie, Washington

Go ahead and pencil in about five different defensive back possibilities for the Bills here. McDuffie might not be the best corner of the bunch, but he’s ready from Day One, and he doesn’t have any real flaws.

Dallas Cowboys

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: C/G Tyler Linderbaum, Iowa

Talent-wise, everyone is going to want Linderbaum. He’ll slide just a wee bit because he’s not massive – the 6-2, 296-pound size might keep him as a center and take away the possibility of being a mauler of a guard. The Cowboys need more options up front – the Iowa star will play somewhere in the interior.

Arizona Cardinals

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: DE Jermaine Johnson, Florida State

While he’s a tad undersized at 256 pounds, Johnson’s a quick, athletic pass rusher with the burst to to be exactly what Arizona needs. It’ll have its pick of several options to do more for the defensive front.

Las Vegas Raiders

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: WR Jameson Williams, Alabama

Start with this – is Las Vegas getting Davante Adams? Even if it’s not, it has to keep pumping up the receiving corps. It’ll have to be patient until Williams’ injured knee is right – and he’ll fall because of it – but at 100% he might just be the best receiver in the draft.

New England Patriots

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call:CB Andrew Booth, Clemson

The Patriots will have their choice of several good defensive back options. The 6-0, 200-pound Booth has all the tools in the box and could easily grow into the No. 1 cover-corner for a defense that needs more help in the secondary.

Pittsburgh Steelers

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: QB Sam Howell, North Carolina

Howell is easily the most interesting player in the draft. The opinions on him are going to be all over the board – he’s not quite big enough, he’s a mechanical nightmare at times, and he’s got to be more consistent, but … he might just be the best quarterback in a weak class.

However, if the Steelers don’t get their QB, the have to load up on offensive linemen. Iowa C/G Tyler Linderbaum might have to be scooped up if he’s still around.

Philadelphia Eagles

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: DE George Karlaftis, Purdue

It’s a shot at the stars for a pure pass rusher who might be a luxury for the Eagles, but would be too good to let slide any further. Assume they address other needs with their first two picks and can wait on him.

New Orleans Saints

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: QB Matt Corral, Ole Miss

The Saints have to all but start over offensively. Corral said all the right things about his injured ankle – the guy is a leader and a gamer who likes to play ball. He might be the answer to what the Saints always wanted – part Drew Brees, part Taysom Hill.

Los Angeles Chargers

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call:  OT Trevor Penning, Northern Iowa

He just keeps on impressing. Not that a 40 time matters, but the 4.89 for the 6-7, 325-pound veteran was huge. There’s no questioning his toughness or his playing ability, and he’s an athlete who can help make Justin Herbert’s life easier.

Philadelphia Eagles (from Indianapolis)

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: LB Nakobe Dean, Georgia

The Eagles have to get stronger and better at linebacker. He’ll be all over the field and used in a variety of ways. He might not be the perfect all-around tools guy, but he’ll be a perennial Pro Bowl talent.

Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami)

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: DT Jordan Davis, Georgia

Does he really last this long? He’s not a glaring need pick for the Eagles, but the 340-pounder ran a 4.79 and moved around in the short drills way too easily. Watch out for the defense to get a whole lot better in a big hurry in this draft – especially if it gets its new anchor.

Baltimore Ravens

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: S Kyle Hamilton, Notre Dame

So here’s my big call. Hamilton might be the best player in this draft, but he’ll slide on down way too far because 1) he’s a safety – which is silly – and 2) other needs have to be met on pick after pick before him. The Ravens will come into this draft thinking offensive line in the first round, but few teams know just how important an elite safety makes a team.

Cleveland Browns

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: WR Treylon Burks, Arkansas

4.55 40. That’s why he’s going to slide. Oh yeah, he’ll gear up and get moving, and he’s got all the tools to be a special No. 1 target – he’s physical enough to handle anyone – but in a draft loaded with blazers, he’ll move on down just a bit more than most are going to think.

Minnesota Vikings

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: CB Derek Stingley Jr., LSU

It’s going to be a defensive back. It’s tempting to put Kyle Hamilton if he miraculously falls, but Stingley could be the superstar shot if he’s still around. The talent is undeniable, but he’s still getting past a foot injury.

Washington Commanders

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: QB Kenny Pickett, Pitt

Seriously? He’d be a better quarterback if his hands were 9 1/4″ instead of 8 1/2″? He’s fine, he’ll be a steadying force for a team that needs a veteran quarterback, and he was around long enough to grow into the gig.

You want a seasoned passer who’ll add some mobility and a big chip on his shoulder? Here you go, Commanders – the team with the small-hands nickname.

New York Jets (from Seattle)

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: WR Garrett Wilson, Ohio State

Receiver isn’t quite the need pick everyone is thinking, but match the 4.38 speed of Wilson with the hyperdrive of Elijah Moore, and look out. The Jet passing game should be deadly.

Denver Broncos

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: LB Devin Lloyd, Utah

Do the Broncos get a quarterback from the free agency world? Can they really land Aaron Rodgers? If not, is there any chance they’re staying at the 9? If they don’t go quarterback, they’ll land the star leader at linebacker for the next several years. Lloyd’s game film is extraordinary, and in Indianapolis he showed off the raw explosion and speed, too.

Atlanta Falcons

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: CB Ahmad Gardner, Cincinnati

It’s possible the Falcons try once again to fill their desperate pass rushing needs, but they need secondary help, too. With a few question marks about Derek Stingley until he’s 100% healthy, the 6-3, 200 pound Sauce will be the first corner off the board.

New York Giants (from Chicago)

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: DE David Ojabo, Michigan

They’ll address their offensive line needs and desires at the 5 and wait for their pass rusher a few picks later. No, Ojabo isn’t Aidan Hutchinson or Kayvon Thibodeaux, but he’s emerging as a true must have prospect after the 6-4, 250-pounder tore off a 4.55.

Carolina Panthers

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: QB Malik Willis, Liberty

I know, Kenny Pickett might be the safer call, but Willis has everything this franchise needs in the reboot. Sam Darnold was okay, but … nah. Willis is a face of the franchise type of personality with the mobility and intangibles for this coaching staff to work around.

He won’t be deadly accurate, but he’s got the arm, the speed, and the wow factor that other quarterbacks in this draft don’t.

New York Giants

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: OT Charles Cross, Mississippi State

This could be a wee bit of a reason for Cross, but the Giants have never had a problem with over-reaching just a tad for its offensive linemen. He has to become a better blaster of a run blocker, but the 6-5, 307-pound pass protector ran. 4.95 and was impressively smooth.

New York Jets

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: EDGE Kayvon Thibodeaux, Oregon

The world might be overthinking this way too much. There are some questions about him being overhyped and way too inconsistent, but he’s got a rare blast and great closing ability. It’s a strange case of not liking him too much at the 2 or 3, but loving him at the 4.

Houston Texans

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: OT Ikem Ekwonu, NC State

Houston is in a good position. It’s not like this is a three player draft, but it’s becoming close to that. It needs everything, and getting a cornerstone offensive tackle is a terrific start.

A sure-thing first rounder – but likely around the 15 – when this all started, he keeps looking better and better through the process. Everyone loves him in interviews, he’s fast, smooth, and he’s a true NFL left tackle.

Detroit Lions

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: EDGE Aidan Hutchinson, Michigan

The only real question will be what the Lions do if Hutchinson goes with the 1. It doesn’t really need an offensive tackle and might trade down a bit, but the Jaguars will almost certainly go with one of the elite left tackle prospects.

Hutchinson showed everyone what they wanted to see. The 6-7, 260-pounder exploded through the drills, ran a 4.74, and if he really doesn’t go 1, he’s not getting past the 2.

Jacksonville Jaguars

2022 Mock Draft Latest Call: OT Evan Neal, Alabama

No, he’s not the perfect offensive tackle prospect – he has to be steadier and wasn’t quite the jaw-dropping dominant force he probable should’ve been – but there are way too many positives.

It’s so of the old NBA adage that if you’re trying to decide between several players, pick big. The 6-7, 337-pound Neal is a massive guy who can move. Most of the issues seem fixable, and on the plus side, there’s the upside to do even more.

You’re probably going to be hearing a lot of buzz about the other offensive tackles over the next several days, but that’s because Neal is waiting for his Pro Day. After that, everyone will fall in love again.

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