Georgia vs TCU 10 Best CFP National Championship Predictions, Prop Bets

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Georgia vs TCU 10 Best CFP National Championship Predictions, Prop Bets

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Georgia vs TCU 10 Best CFP National Championship Predictions, Prop Bets


What ten Georgia vs TCU College Football Playoff National Championship predictions and prop bets appear to be the best bets and picks?

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10 Best CFP National Championship Prop Bets 
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Would you have been more fired up if this was Georgia or Ohio State vs Michigan? Probably, but TCU keeps on getting disrespected and it keeps on making everyone – hand raised – look silly.

Whether or not this is a classic, or if it’s a strange blowout one way or another, here are the ten best-looking prop bets, predictions, and picks for the Georgia vs TCU College Football Playoff National Championship.

One of the keys here is value. Many of the props and ideas might conflict with others, so consider this a ranking based on potential payoff to go along with the possibilities depending on which way you’re leaning.

The lines are based on BetMGM’s latest props.

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10. TCU Money Line, Both Teams Will Score 30 or More

LINE: +900

Let’s start with this caveat.

If you believe TCU really does have a shot at winning, then there’s a whole lot of value out there to be had.

Let’s put it this way. If TCU does do this, it’s probably not going to be a 7-3 defensive struggle. It beat Michigan 51-45 in the Fiesta. It got past West Virginia 41-31. The SMU win was 42-34, and the double-OT thriller over Oklahoma State was 43-40.

On the other side, Georgia scored 30 or more 11 times in 14 games. So again, if you’re feeling it for TCU, going with the shootout to go along with the W isn’t a bad play.

And then there’s the opposite of that …

9. Georgia Money Line, Both Teams Will NOT Score 10 or More

LINE: +1100

If you’re into the idea of Georgia winning this, it’s not crazy to think this might be a total wipeout.

The Bulldog defense went bye-bye against Ohio State, and it took half the day off in the SEC Championship win over LSU, but this is still the SEC’s best defense that allowed just 14.8 points per game.

Remember, this is the D that held Oregon to three points. And went on the road to beat South Carolina 48-7. And held Kentucky to six.

The problem is the 10 or more. Georgia totally wiped out Auburn and won 42-10, and it dominated Mississippi State in a 45-19 win. Texas held TCU to 17 points, and that’s the closest anyone came to keeping that O in check. However, again, if you like Georgia, would you be that shocked if it makes a 41-7 statement?

Yeah you would, but that’s why this is at +1100.

Now let’s swing back the other way …

8. Both Teams Will Score 10 or More Points in the 1st Quarter

LINE: (Yes) +1150

It’s +1150 for a reason, but it’s not unreasonable to ask both teams to go off to a hot start.

TCU is known for its comebacks – it put up 148 points in the fourth quarters of games – but it also dominated in the first quarters, too, outscoring teams 148-65. Georgia put up 122 points in the first quarters. The problem is the Dawg D – it allowed just 30 points all year in the first frame.

Again, we’re going for outside-the-box value here. If the two teams start trading haymakers, a 10-10 first quarter might seem like Christmas is still here.

And now, to keep your head on a swivel and make you a tad dizzy before we settle in …

7. Both Team Will Score 10 or More

LINE: (No) +950

To keep hammering this home, I’m looking to value to potentially help any already held beliefs.

I don’t think the Georgia defense is going to come out and shut down the TCU offense to a dead stop, but if you think this is going to be a coronation and total wipeout, +950 is a great idea.

The smarter one is to go with the +180 on NO, both teams won’t hit 20. 38-17 is far more reasonable if you’re not trying to be greedy.

Enough with the wacky fliers. Let’s go with six more realistic options, starting with …

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6. TCU Wins by 1-to-6 Points


TCU has made me look ridiculous all season long, so this would hardly be my first time. I think Georgia rolls in this – I’ll get into all that at the end.

But if TCU pulls this off – and as we’ve learned, disrespect the Horned Frogs at your own peril – I highly-doubt it’ll be a some 41-20 whacking. 35-31? Yeah, that’s the most likely spread.

So to repeat this line, if you like TCU to win, this is the best combination of value and likelihood. +750 on a walk-off field goal? That would be so 2022 TCU.

10 Best CFP National Championship Prop Bets 
No. 5 | No. 4 | No. 3 | No. 2 | No. 1

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