Think, Know, Believe College Football Cavalcade: All Aboard The USC Party Bus

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Think, Know, Believe College Football Cavalcade: All Aboard The USC Party Bus

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Think, Know, Believe College Football Cavalcade: All Aboard The USC Party Bus


College Football Cavalcade: What I think, know, and believe after Week 3 and the fantastic start to the college football season 

College Football Cavalcade

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Sorry if this take sucks, it’s not my fault …

The woman ran an empire until she was 96. Stop asking me when a 70-year-old Nick Saban might retire.

And it’s all going to be even better and more exciting when the College Football Playoff is expanded. Really, it will be. No, really.

I think … this has been the most amazing start to a season I can ever remember.

I know … there’s a new energy. Lots of fan bases not used to college football success are getting involved more than ever before.

I believe … that’s where the fun is. Venting against doorknobs who disrespect your long-suffering team or Group of Five conference is the entire point of being an irrationally fired up fan. That’s the gig. That’s what I’m here for.

I think … it’s AMAZING when fans of the Sun Belt, or that FCS program, or places like Kansas, Wake Forest, UNLV, or Duke puff their chests out. It’s my standard answer to the question of who the best fans are – the Bowling Green season ticket holders, and they just had a fun Saturday. I’m always comfortable getting honked at because …

I know … the moment will soon arrive when Hell, Alabama, and reality are coming to breakfast.

I believe … eventually, time – and the SEC superstar program in a given year  – gets us all. Speaking of which …

I think … everyone is trying to book their tickets well after the fact – seriously, ESPN, you send a text alert on Sunday that now USC might have a shot at the top four? – but there’s still room on my USC Will Go To The College Football Playoff party bus.

I know … it left a few months ago. There are a few grapefruit White Claws left, but the spread of delightful meats and cheeses has been restocked.

I believe … the bus is going to crash and possibly blow up in either Glendale or Atlanta – there’s no way it makes it to Los Angeles – but it’ll get to the CFP in time for the show.

I think … this Alabama thing isn’t quite right.

I know … everyone just assumes it will all work out because it’s Alabama, but that wide receiver glitch might not get instantly fixed, and this seems like one of those teams that’s feeling the weight of the National Championship or Bust pressure.

I believe … Alabama will still get into the College Football Playoff, partly because …

I think … there’s NOTHING else. There’s Georgia, there’s Ohio State, and that’s about it. There’s USC – my fanboy supercrush is real – but that’s because of the schedule as much as the all-star team on the offensive side. The D is an issue.

I know … there are the unbeaten Big 12 schools, but the league is going to cannibalize itself with no easy out 1-through-10. There’s no Group of Five program in the mix, and the Buckeyes will take care of the Penn States and Michigans of the Big Ten East.

I believe … there’s Clemson, but that offense desperately needs some help to go along with that national title-level D.

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I think … Clemson could absolutely get to the College Football Playoff with its defensive talent and schedule.

I know … Dabo has zero interest in the new world of college football, and that includes NIL and the transfer portal, but …

I believe … that’s one team that desperately looks like it could use – and could’ve gone to get – a reliable deep threat and an extra bulldozer at guard. That might be all the difference between getting there and having an honest shot at winning the national title.

I think … I love talking with jacked up superfans in person.

I know … because last week I got to speak to the Red Elephants Club at Alabama. That was a blast for a variety of reasons, especially because they all totally disagreed with me on almost everything. They did it in a professionally nice “bless your heart” sort of way, but they didn’t buy in that …

I believe … NIL is okay. Bryce Young did a Dr. Pepper ad – he’s still good at football. He did an ad for Nissan that came on right after a Nick Saban thing with Deion and the duck – and college football kept on going. Everything is totally fine. With that said …

I think … I do NOT want to hear players whining in any way about other players getting money, deals, benefits, whatever.

I know … if you’re a player and you want NIL money or your own deals, and you want what you think is yours, then go and get it.

I believe … that’s how the world works, son. It comes down to the Jerry Jones three keys to a successful business: 1. Ask for the money. 2. Ask for the money. 3. Ask for the money. Now the players can do all three.

I think … it’s possible to walk, chew gum, dribble a ball during one season, and come up with a goal line stand in another.

I know … some schools really do focus their respective identities on being awesome at one sport over another.

I believe … Kentucky can be a football school, too. At the moment, so can Indiana, so can Kansas, and so can UNLV.

I think … Stetson Bennett is playing like a Heisman finalist.

I know … even though he won a national title and might take another this year, I still believe Kirby Smart can’t quite figure out how to maximize the skills of the most talented quarterbacks he’s able to bring through his program.

I believe … Bennett’s experience is shining through for a reloaded team that was obviously going to be good, but needed a steady QB to make it all work right away. He’s making plays he didn’t come up with last year, and it seems like the game slowed to a crawl for him. He’s reading everything right.

I think … Ohio State seems to be as comfortable as it has ever been, at least for Ohio State.

I know … the offense is going to be more than fine. It’s getting warmed up, the Toledo game was just a taste, and the fireworks will be there throughout the Big Ten season.

I believe … the defense will have improved to the level it needs to be at when I see it against a team with a talented offense. No, Notre Dame doesn’t count. Wisconsin this week doesn’t really count, either.

I think … until the world shows you otherwise, you keep taking USC and give away the points. You keep assuming that no spread is too large enough for Georgia, and …

I know … you could set the total at 1.5 and I’d still go under on any Iowa game. It’ll probably be played in the rain.

I believe … after sitting through all the delays and stops and starts of Nevada-Iowa I should at least be able to see a queen or something.

I think … that whole dying thing looks boring.

I know … my AirPods probably won’t work, I won’t be able to get my coffee right, and there’s no way to charge my phone. So I came to an existential decision about death after sort of paying attention to all the pomp and interminable how-can-we-miss-you-if-you-won’t-leave honoring over the last ten days – along with the Iowa win over Nevada …

I believe … I’m just not going to do it. The UMass vs Temple game preview isn’t going to write itself.

I think … I know it’s all going to be okay.

I know … I believe it’s all going to be okay.

I believe … I think it’s all going to be okay.

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