College Football Roundup Week 4: Overrated, Underrated, What It All Means

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College Football Roundup Week 4: Overrated, Underrated, What It All Means

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College Football Roundup Week 4: Overrated, Underrated, What It All Means


The Really Big Week 4 Thing Was …

Just how good is Michigan State?

That matters, because there are two unbeaten teams out there who now look like potential world-beaters because of what they did against the Spartans.

Washington was fine in wins over Kent State and Portland State, and then BOOM.

Michael Penix Jr. looked like a Heisman candidate, the offense was unstoppable, and the defense held up great in a 39-28 against Michigan State in a game that wasn’t even close to being as good as the final score.

The Huskies beat Stanford 40-22, they’ve got a relatively favorable schedule ahead – no USC, no Utah – and it all might come down to this Friday’s trip to UCLA and the mid-November date at Oregon before finishing up with Washington State.

But this week, it was Minnesota that was incredible.

Washington got Michigan State in Seattle, there was the time change, the long flight, and all the parts of making that big trip.

Minnesota went into East Lansing, made biscuits, ate them, and didn’t leave any for the Spartans.

It was 14-0 in the first quarter. It was 34-0 with 20 seconds to play before Michigan State came up with a sad college try touchdown pass.

The Gophers outgained the Spartans 508 yards to 240, forced three takeaways, allowed just 38 rushing yards, and totally dominated in every way.

And now, look at the schedule: Purdue, at Illinois, at Penn State, Rutgers, at Nebraska, Northwestern, Iowa, and at Wisconsin.

There are problems – going to Happy Valley and Camp Randall could screw things up, and watch out for Purdue and Illinois – but there’s no Ohio State, and there’s no Michigan.

Maybe the last two weeks were a sign that the Gophers and Huskies are destined to meet in the Rose Bowl?

Or maybe Michigan State just isn’t that great.

At least for now, Minnesota and Washington fans are enjoying assuming the former.

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