College Football Is Changing? It's Okay: 22 Thoughts For 2022, No. 22

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College Football Is Changing? It's Okay: 22 Thoughts For 2022, No. 22

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College Football Is Changing? It's Okay: 22 Thoughts For 2022, No. 22


22 College Football Thoughts for 2022, No. 22: Don’t worry so much about the transfer portal, realignment, and all the various changes.

22 College Football Thoughts For 2022

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22. No, all of the changes won’t mean it’s the end of college football

If it seems like just about how college football operates is changing going into 2022, it’s because it sort of is.

And it’s going to be okay.

For a sport that thrives on tradition, and moves at a snail’s pace when it comes to advancements and improvements, all of the changes over the last two years have been seismic. But …

Please, don’t get too caught up in Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL). It’s all going to work itself out, and it really doesn’t mean anything more than players can now be better compensated for being the celebrities they most certainly are. That’s all.

Don’t get bogged down in the craziness of the transfer portal, and don’t get lost in the swarm of discussion about a possible bigger College Football Playoff, conference realignment, and expansion.

Of course, I’ll be writing and talking about all of that pretty much every day – starting with the rest of this 22 Thoughts for 2022 thing – but as a wise man once pounded into my head, none of that outside stuff matters once the ball gets kicked off.

And no, none of those changes will signal the end of college football.

The forward pass, conferences expanding and contracting, integration, a playoff, nickname changes, amending fight songs with questionable lyrics in the obscure fifth verse, instant replay, pivoting away from the cringy mascot, new uniforms, and on and on and on – the tweaks over the 150+ years of college football that, for some, were supposed to ruin the sport’s greatness did the exact opposite.

College football will thrive and be stronger with the advancements.

It’s long overdue that players are finally able to have more of a voice, more freedom, more power, and more of an above-the-board ability to profit off of what they do. At the very least, it’s long overdue that they have close to the same voice, freedom, power, and ability to profit that the coaches do.

College football will thrive and get stronger with the schools generating more revenue. It’ll thrive and get stronger as the media deals change and adapt. It’ll thrive and get stronger because …

It’s college football. It’s going to be fine.

More importantly, it’s college football. This is going to be fun no matter what.

22 College Football Thoughts For 2022 
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