Georgia Was THE Team, Stetson Bennett: 5 National Championship Thoughts

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Georgia Was THE Team, Stetson Bennett: 5 National Championship Thoughts

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Georgia Was THE Team, Stetson Bennett: 5 National Championship Thoughts


1. The talent. Oh dear heavens, the talent.

No matter which recruiting service does it for you, Georgia had either the first or second-best recruiting class in the country over each of the last few years, and Alabama had either the first or second-best class.

At the very least, no one was ranking either of the recruiting classes from these two outside of the top five.

In and around the press box, the talk wasn’t about the game, or the strategy, or the coaching, or anything else other than 1) Stetson Bennett, and 2) the jaw-dropping talent.

You want to know why no one can push past the best SEC teams for the national championship on a consistent basis? You need to be Clemson or Ohio State or on that level to think about hanging with the talent and athleticism of what was on that field in Indianapolis.

The speed. The quickness. The skill. You just saw the future of the NFL.

That’s what you’re dealing with, college football.

Oh sure, a Michigan or a Cincinnati might be able to find its way into the College Football Playoff, but if you want to win it all, you have to be able to hang with that.

You block Will Anderson, and if you do, good luck with Christian Harris on the other side.

You push Jordan Davis off his base, and them stop the guided missile that’s Nakobe Dean, and on and on and on and on for both sides.

There were at least 20 players combined from the two teams that should be selected in the 2022 NFL Draft. That’s not including Bryce Young, or Will Anderson, or Brock Bowers, or a whole slew of underclassmen who aren’t eligible yet.

The game might have been dry at times, and people didn’t want the rematch, and there’s Alabama fatigue, and SEC fatigue, and …

That was a heavyweight fight of talent on Monday night. It was special.

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2. Bill O’Brien was fine
1. The talent level, oh, the talent level
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