Georgia Was THE Team, Stetson Bennett: 5 National Championship Thoughts

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Georgia Was THE Team, Stetson Bennett: 5 National Championship Thoughts

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Georgia Was THE Team, Stetson Bennett: 5 National Championship Thoughts


2. Bill O’Brien called a better game than you think

Oh did the Alabama world take it out on Alabama offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien.

He didn’t have Bryce Young throw downfield enough, he didn’t establish the running game, he didn’t take enough chances, he took too many chances, he …

He couldn’t win. Alabama was having a hard time moving the ball against the nation’s best defense, and the offensive coordinator was getting ripped for it.

Unpopular opinion time – he and the Alabama offense were terrific considering the circumstances.

No one was running the ball in this. Georgia had one big dash and one other decent run, and that was about it. There wasn’t anything consistent. Alabama couldn’t get Brian Robinson free – he finished with just 68 yards on 22 carries – and Young was getting hit and pressured all game long.

However, the idea of going wide and relying on Young to come up with quick-hitting throws worked.

The time of possession battle only ended up by a +3 minutes for Alabama, but it controlled the clock for the first three quarters with dinks, dunks, and field position – the field was totally tilted to the Georgia end for long stretches.

Yeah, the Tide had to settle for field goals instead of touchdowns in a 9-6 start, but the defense was fantastic, Stetson Bennett wasn’t showing any signs of making anything happen, and Alabama had to scramble without its two star wide receivers to help the cause.

O’Brien and the offense had their moments.

Young set up Georgia perfectly on the team’s lone touchdown. The pass rush came in, and after going outside on the move all game long, Young stopped, threw against the grain, and Latu had settled in just over the goal line for the score. That moment was set up all game long, and the play call nailed it.

It just wasn’t enough.

Again, shorthanded, Alabama outgained Georgia 399 to 365 and almost pulled it off. O’Brien was fine, Young was terrific, and Georgia’s defense was Georgia’s defense.

Georgia – Alabama National Championship 5 Thoughts 
5. Georgia was THE team of 2021
4. Stetson Bennett’s one big drive
3. Jameson William’s injury mattered
2. Bill O’Brien was fine
National Championship Game Thoughts

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