Alabama vs Georgia: 10 Best CFP National Championship Predictions, Prop Bets

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Alabama vs Georgia: 10 Best CFP National Championship Predictions, Prop Bets

College Football Predictions

Alabama vs Georgia: 10 Best CFP National Championship Predictions, Prop Bets


What ten Alabama vs Georgia College Football Playoff National Championship predictions and prop bets appear to be the best bets and picks?

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So you’re bored of the idea of Alabama vs Georgia for the College Football Playoff National Championship after just seeing this a few weeks ago … fine.

Let’s make this interesting with a few wise investments.

Here are the ten best-looking prop bets, predictions, and big picks for the College Football Playoff National Championship.

Value means as much or more here as anything else. That’s why a slew of the player props that don’t give you anything extra aren’t on here. Also, this depends on where you’re looking and who you invest with.

Happy College Football Playoff National Championship. Let these confirm, deny, or help you in some way go with your already held beliefs.

Let’s start with the biggest contradiction pick of the bunch …

CFN Alabama vs Georgia Preview, Prediction
Experts Picks: National Championship

10. Alabama +2.5

LINE: +120

The payoff on this isn’t anything amazing, but if you believe in Alabama, you might as well take the free cup of coffee and get the added sweetener in it.

Now is as good a time as any to go into my belief for this season’s College Football Playoff and the National Championship.

Not patting myself on the back for the first part – I’m usually miserable at picking CFP semifinal games against the spread – but my initial calls were 1) Alabama and Georgia would roll in their respective semifinal games, 2) Georgia’s defense would be the 2021 regular season version in the two game tournament, and 3) Georgia would exorcise the demons and win it all.

Oh yeah, and 4) I’m a firm believer that you never go against Alabama, so picking Georgia hurts. That’s why Alabama +2.5 and getting +120 for it is more than fine.

Because I’ll never, ever, ever argue with anyone picking Alabama to win the national title …

9. Alabama -7.5 and total under 40.5

LINE: +1500

I’m picking Georgia, but yeah, Alabama could roll in this – because it’s Alabama.

It’s entirely possible that Nick Saban’s team takes its game up another notch AND Georgia’s defense is strong in a 24ish-16ish Tide win.

Seriously, would you be out-of-your-mind shocked if this was a defensive clinic like the 21-0 2012 BCS Championship win over LSU? Yeah, that’s probably not going to happen, but at +1500 you’re not crazy to take the shot.

So with that said …

8. Alabama -3.5 and total under 55.5

LINE: +550

Maybe I’m misreading this.

Maybe this will be a bit of a back-and-forth fight and not a defensive slugfest.

This is the one pick of the ten on this list that gives a nod to those who think the offenses are going to roll, because it’s the most practical value.

Alabama winning by 4 or more is hardly asking for the world, and maybe this is like the 41-24 SEC Championship again.

At +550, cool.

7. Alabama RB Brian Robinson scores 1st TD

LINE: +600

I’ll just say it. Player prop bets are stupid.

Yeah, they’re fun, and every once in a while they’ll hit, but over the long haul they’re not worth the trouble.

But this is a prop bet piece. It’s not like we’re doing up the practical thing here.

Brian Robinson ran for over 200 yards against Cincinnati, but he didn’t score. He ran for 55 yards in the SEC Championship against Georgia, but he didn’t score.

In fact, he hasn’t rushed for a touchdown since putting two on New Mexico State back in the middle of November – that’s four straight games without a touchdown.

And that’s why you’re getting the +600.

If you’re going to do a player prop bet, do a player prop bet big.

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6. Georgia on the money line and both teams score 20+ (or, if you like Alabama, go the other way)

LINE+190 for Georgia, +260 for Alabama

It’s about as conservative as the convoluted prop bets get when it comes to value.

This goes back to the call that Georgia wins, it’s a bit of a defensive fight, but it still ends up around 26ish-23ish. Georgia on the money line doesn’t get you anything, but if this ends up on the right side of a good battle with a few scores each, +190 is a nice way to get this done.

On the flip side, if you like Alabama, the +260 is an even better call for the value.

Now, on the slightly contradictory side of this is best national championship prop bet No. 5

10 Best CFP National Championship Prop Bets 
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