College Football Playoff Chase: Ranking The 13 Teams Still Alive After Week 10

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College Football Playoff Chase: Ranking The 13 Teams Still Alive After Week 10

College Football Playoff Rankings

College Football Playoff Chase: Ranking The 13 Teams Still Alive After Week 10


Top 10 College Football Playoff Chase Rankings

10. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (8-1)

It’s not going to happen – don’t be shocked if the Demon Deacons lose at least two of the final three games – and if it does. it’s going to take a ton of help.

13-0 ACC Champion Wake Forest would’ve been in the College Football Playoff no matter what.

12-1 ACC Champion Wake Forest … that might take a little work.

Assuming it rolls through the tough finishing kick of NC State, at Clemson, at Boston College, and over – most likely – Pitt or Virginia in the ACC Championship, just how much will the team get dinged for the shootout loss at North Carolina?

12-1 is hardly a sure thing in the pecking order.

9. Cincinnati Bearcats (9-0)

Here’s the problem. Cincinnati doesn’t control anything … yet.

No, 13-0 American Athletic Conference champion Cincinnati isn’t getting into the College Football Playoff over 13-0 Big 12 Champion Oklahoma if it comes down to those two.

No way, no how, no chance.

It’s not getting in over 13-0 SEC champion Georgia, or 12-1 SEC champion Alabama and 12-1 runner up Georgia, or a one-loss Big Ten champion, or a one-loss Pac-12 champion Oregon, or maybe even a one-loss Big 12 or ACC champion, and …

Not all of that will happen.

For now, the Bearcats just have to look the part against a weak schedule. They have to drill USF by 40, destroy East Carolina and SMU and whatever is happening in the AAC Championship, and make the committee work.

But they still need help to lock in a final four spot after all the conference championships are over.

8. Michigan Wolverines (8-1)

All of a sudden, the Wolverines are in a whole lot more control than they were last week at this time.

Win out, get one more Michigan State loss – like against Ohio State or Penn State – and it’s on.

Of course, that would mean Michigan has to beat Ohio State, and it’s going to need that help from someone else with Michigan State.

Win at Penn State, at Maryland, and against the Buckeyes, and the very least it’s off to the Rose Bowl.

7. Oklahoma State Cowboys (8-1)

Until the College Football Playoff committee goes a totally different direction with its belief system, as long as the Cowboys win out, it’s almost certainly in the fun.

The one 24-21 loss at Iowa State is more than acceptable, and if it beats Oklahoma twice on the way to a Big 12 Championship – to go along with wins over Boise State, Texas, West Virginia, and Texas Tech on the road, it’s in.

6. Ohio State Buckeyes (8-1)

It would be an argument, but don’t be so sure Oregon automatically gets in over the Buckeyes if they’re both 12-1 conference champions.

With Purdue, Michigan State, at Michigan, and likely Wisconsin or Minnesota to close – after beating the Gophers to start the season – the remaining schedule is far stronger than what Oregon will do.

While the College Football Playoff committee snubbed the Big Ten in past years, it absolutely wouldn’t do it this year … maybe.

Just assume the 12-1 Big Ten champion is getting in.

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