College Football Odds: Opening Early Lines, Values Week 12

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College Football Odds: Opening Early Lines, Values Week 12


College Football Odds: Opening Early Lines, Values Week 12


The early college football lines and odds are out for Week 12. Where are the values and what are the early predictions?

 Pete Fiutak @PeteFiutak

Where are the possible values going into a massive college football week 12?

What are the lines as they first came out, and where do they appear to be a little bit off? In a for-what-it’s-worth way, I give my guess on what the early lines will be without looking at what they are, and then add them in to see just how big the disparity is.

College Football Week 12 Lines, November 16

Western Michigan at Eastern Michigan
Fiu Early Guess: Western Michigan -4
Actual Line: Western Michigan -5.5

Toledo at Ohio
Fiu Early Guess: Toledo -4.5
Actual Line: Toledo -6.5

Bowling Green at Miami University
Fiu Early Guess: Miami University -13.5
Actual Line: Miami University -15.5

College Football Week 12 Lines, November 17, 18

Central Michigan at Ball State
Fiu Early Guess: Ball State -6
Actual Line: Ball State -2.5

Northern Illinois at Buffalo
Fiu Early Guess: Northern Illinois -6
Actual Line: Northern Illinois -2.5

Louisville at Duke
Fiu Early Guess: Louisville -16.5
Actual Line: Louisville -19.5

College Football Week 12 Lines, November 19

Southern Miss at Louisiana Tech
Fiu Early Guess: Louisiana Tech -16
Actual Line: Louisiana Tech -17

Memphis at Houston
Fiu Early Guess: Houston -8.5
Actual Line: Houston -9.5

Arizona at Washington State
Fiu Early Guess: Washington State -11
Actual Line: Washington State -15

Air Force at Nevada
Fiu Early Guess: Nevada -2
Actual Line: Nevada -2

San Diego State at UNLV
Fiu Early Guess: San Diego State -18.5
Actual Line: San Diego State -12

College Football Week 12 Lines, November 20

Virginia at Pitt
Fiu Early Guess: Pitt -13
Actual Line: Pitt -13.5

SMU at Cincinnati
Fiu Early Guess: Cincinnati -11
Actual Line: Cincinnati -12.5

UMass at Army
Fiu Early Guess: Army -30
Actual Line: Army -37.5

UConn at UCF
Fiu Early Guess: UCF -31.5
Actual Line: UCF -30

Virginia Tech at Miami
Fiu Early Guess: Miami -8
Actual Line: Miami -7

Syracuse at NC State
Fiu Early Guess: NC State -8
Actual Line: NC State -11.5

Kent State at Akron
Fiu Early Guess: Kent State -16.5
Actual Line: Kent State -13.5

Michigan State at Ohio State
Fiu Early Guess: Ohio State -16
Actual Line: Ohio State -20

Texas State at Coastal Carolina
Fiu Early Guess: Coastal Carolina -18.5
Actual Line: Coastal Carolina -21.5

Michigan at Maryland
Fiu Early Guess: Michigan -13
Actual Line: Michigan -15

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