College Football Rankings 1 To 130: Week 6. Back To Normal ... Sort Of

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College Football Rankings 1 To 130: Week 6. Back To Normal ... Sort Of

CFN Rankings

College Football Rankings 1 To 130: Week 6. Back To Normal ... Sort Of


CFN College Football Rankings: Week 6 Top 10

10 Michigan State Spartans (6-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 9
Week 6 Opponent: Michigan State 31, Rutgers 13
Week 7 Opponent: at Indiana

There’s still a bit of a wait-and-see aspect to the Spartans. They have yet to beat anyone who’s a sure thing to go bowling, and taking down Nebraska as the top win is hardly anything special. But get through Indiana this week, and then it’s time to get rolling with Michigan to follow.

9 Florida Gators (4-2)

Last Week’s Ranking: 12
Week 6 Opponent: Florida 42, Vanderbilt 0
Week 7 Opponent: at LSU

There’s no punishing the Gators for coming close to beating Alabama in Gainesville, and for now, losing to Kentucky isn’t all that bad, either. The blowout win over Tennessee is looking stronger and stronger.

8 Arkansas Razorbacks (4-2)

Last Week’s Ranking: 10
Week 6 Opponent: Ole Miss 52, Arkansas 51
Week 7 Opponent: Auburn

The Razorbacks lost to Georgia in Athens. So would 128 other teams. The win over Texas continues to be strong, and the victory over Texas A&M now becomes amazing. There’s no punishment for that wild and dramatic loss to …

7 Ole Miss Rebels (4-1)

Last Week’s Ranking: 13
Week 6 Opponent: Ole Miss 52, Arkansas 51
Week 7 Opponent: at Tennessee

The Rebels have their signature win. It would’ve been nice if they gave a reason to eat more popcorn in Tuscaloosa a few weeks ago, but slipping by the Hogs give then the credit to push to be just outside of the top five.

6 Kentucky Wildcats (6-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 7
Week 6 Opponent: Kentucky 42, LSU 21
Week 7 Opponent: at Georgia

It’s not pretty, but the win over Florida was big, and rolling past LSU certainly doesn’t hurt. Take whatever happens at Georgia this week with a few grains of salt, but if the Cats can make it a fight, then the rest of the schedule looks nice and breezy.

5 Alabama Crimson Tide (5-1)

Last Week’s Ranking: 1
Week 6 Opponent: Texas A&M 41, Alabama 38
Week 7 Opponent: at Mississippi State

We should’ve seen it coming. The win over Miami really wasn’t that great, Florida almost pulled off the upset, and Nick Saban was telling us all after blowout wins over Mercer and Southern Miss that there were issues. There’s no reason to panic just yet, but going to Mississippi State this week is a massive moment.

4 Oklahoma Sooners (6-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 6
Week 6 Opponent: Oklahoma 55, Texas 48
Week 7 Opponent: TCU

Now there’s the Oklahoma we were all waiting for. It took a lousy start against Texas and the emergence of Caleb Williams at quarterback to get there, but now this is looking like the type of team we were all waiting for.

3 Michigan Wolverines (6-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 4
Week 6 Opponent: Michigan 32, Nebraska 29
Week 7 Opponent: OPEN DATE

Nebraska isn’t that great and it took too much of a fight, but this year, getting by any decent Power Five team on the road deserves credit. This is a bit of a gift ranking – Ohio State and Oklahoma are probably better, and Alabama is definitely better – but for now, the six wins are all strong enough to deserve this spot.

2 Iowa Hawkeyes (6-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 3
Week 6 Opponent: Iowa 23, Penn State 20
Week 7 Opponent: Purdue

Iowa is here because it has to be. If we gave credit to Penn State the last few weeks, then we have to give Iowa the love for coming up with the win. However, don’t be shocked if this ranking quickly drops even with a few wins – beating Maryland isn’t any big deal now, and the Iowa State victory is still being given too much love.

1 Georgia Bulldogs (6-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 2
Week 6 Opponent: Georgia 34, Auburn 10
Week 7 Opponent: Kentucky

Here’s the scary part – it’s being done with Stetson Bennett at quarterback instead of JT Daniels. Once the Dawgs are healthy – and that includes getting a few more receiver options – it’s possible this already dominant team could go to a whole other level.

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