College Football Week 4 Picks: 10 Best Games For A Parlay

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College Football Week 4 Picks: 10 Best Games For A Parlay

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College Football Week 4 Picks: 10 Best Games For A Parlay


If we wanted to put together a 10-team parlay for Week 4 of the college football season, what should we do? Here are our ten best parlay picks.

 Pete Fiutak @PeteFiutak

So you want to do a 3-team, or 5-team, or 10-team college football parlay, huh?

What, you don’t like your money?

If I can’t talk you out of it, then at least let me help with a plan to give you a shot with the 10 best games to pick for a parlay.

Now, if you actually want to win a 10-team college football parlay – the real list is below – here you go …

Ohio State (-100000 vs Akron), Minnesota (-10000 vs Bowling Green), Coastal Carolina (-10000 vs UMass), Hawaii (-850 vs New Mexico State), BYU (-2500 vs USF), Wyoming (-6500 vs UConn), Oregon (-5000 vs Arizona), Auburn (-6000 vs Georgia State), Georgia (-50000 vs Vanderbilt), and on Friday night, Fresno State (-9900 vs UNLV).

There. Ten teams. All of them are going to win, but you’d only make around $26 off a $100 bet. To me that’s happy time, but I’m weird like that.

And that’s the problem. It’s no fun if you win, and you’d probably lose – watch USF goes off on BYU – and be gutless doing it.

So let’s do this for real. First of all, don’t take unnecessary chances.

DO NOT GET CHEEKY by picking an underdog. You’re going to read below and look for the big shot call to make you a gazillionaire, but that doesn’t work.

So the key to having any chance at winning a 3-team, 5-team, 10-team parlay is to go with a mix of seemingly sure-things with an educated risk thrown in somewhere. And again, I repeat …

Do not take underdogs. Just don’t. Okay, maybe on a 3-team parlay, but never, ever, ever on a 10-team monster.

One last thing – THIS IS FOR FUN. The chances of actually winning one of these things is very, very low – even though all these picks will be right, of course.

The ten best college football games for a parlay in Week 4 are …

1. Hawaii -850 vs New Mexico State

Start with the biggest odds of the ten-game group as a foundation. New Mexico State is playing better, and Hawaii is always a tad shaky when it travels, but if this doesn’t work and we lose it all before leaving the barn, it’s not our fault.

2. Duke -750 vs Kansas

Duke lost to Charlotte – it could turnover its way into gacking your parlay, but again, we’re building something here. Seriously, if we lose our parlay here to fricking Kansas, then hopefully you listened to me when I screamed all offseason to take the over on the Jayhawk win total of 1.

2-team parlay payout on $100: $26.67

3. North Carolina -500 vs Georgia Tech

The odds are still high, but we’re relatively safe. Georgia Tech pushed Clemson – and lost. North Carolina is weird, but this offense is starting to hum, This won’t be where it all falls apart.

3-team parlay payout on $100: $52

Now we start to get greedy.

4. Maryland -700 vs Kent State

It’s Maryland, so you know how this can turn from great-looking to disastrous in a snap, especially against a Kent State offense that’s way too dangerous. However, this is as safe a call as possible four games in. We’re still building.

4-team parlay payout on $100: $73.71

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5. Central Michigan -480 vs FIU

Honestly, I’d like better odds on this – FIU has a few good parts – but the Chippewas at home here should be just fine. You want more bang at this point with a 5-team parlay, but the big cuts are coming.

5-team parlay payout on $100: $109.90

6. Kentucky -200 vs South Carolina

Now is when we go for it. Those first five should be okay – and if they’re not, it’s going to take a massive upset to screw us up. Kentucky played like garbage last week against Chattanooga, South Carolina has a good D line, and you’re paying for that with the -200. But if this is all right so far and we stop here …

6-team parlay payout on $100: $214.86

That’s not good enough. We’re starting to fly too close to the sun, but …

7. Louisiana Tech -420 vs North Texas

So now we’re in. If those first six can get us going, then we go conservative on a too-big number that adds that one more building block before we make a big push.

7-team parlay payout on $100: $289.82

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8. Army -300 vs Miami University

Realistically we’ve biffed the parlay long ago – gee, thanks Kentucky – but if those first seven really are right, then a -300 call gets us a nice jump. Army has a scary way of giving away points late over the last few games, but this about the safest risk-reward shot to take.

8-team parlay payout on $100: $419.76

9. Iowa State -275 vs Baylor

Seriously, if those first eight are right, then we’ve got it. This has become too big to fail.

I’ve saved a ringer to take this thing to a whole other level with Pick 9. I know Iowa State is struggling and it’s going on the road to face an improved Baylor. Iowa State isn’t losing to Baylor.

9-team parlay payout on $100: $608.77

And now this gets really scary. We’ve built and built and built, and we’ve done it all with heavy favorites to give this as honest a shot as possible.

Let’s assume we’ve done the impossible and we’re still alive. 10 makes or breaks us, so I’ll give you two options.

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10. Option 1: Go for it – Missouri -125 vs Boston College

Mizzou is getting WAY too good a number considering BC is playing backup QB Dennis Grosel and has only beaten Colgate, UMass, and Temple.

10-team parlay payout on $100: $1,175.78

But if that’s too dangerous.

10. Option 2: Safer – Eastern Michigan -240 vs Texas State

The TXST win over FIU on the road is cause for a little bit of pause, but not really. The Eagles will pull this off, which means …

10-team parlay payout on $100: $904.09

I’ll try again next week. We’ll get one of these things right before the season is over.

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