College Football Rankings: 1 To 130: Week 4. And Now We Start Over

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College Football Rankings: 1 To 130: Week 4. And Now We Start Over

CFN Rankings

College Football Rankings: 1 To 130: Week 4. And Now We Start Over


CFN College Football Rankings: Week 4 Top 10

10 Oklahoma Sooners (4-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 6
Week 4: Oklahoma 16, West Virginia 13

4-0 is 4-0 is 4-0. The win over West Virginia deserves a little credit – the Mountaineers beat Virginia Tech – but this ranking is a total gift. At Kansas State and Texas are up next.

9 Iowa Hawkeyes (4-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 7
Week 4: Iowa 24, Colorado State 14

The win over Iowa State now doesn’t really make much of a dent, and neither does the win over Indiana. Coming up in October – at Maryland, Penn State, Purdue, at Wisconsin. Let’s go.

8 Michigan Wolverines (4-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 9
Week 4: Michigan 20, Rutgers 13

Beating Washington is going to look better and better as the season goes on, and taking out Western Michigan – who beat Pitt – 47-14, rolling Northern Illinois 63-10, and yeah, even beating Rutgers is all impressive. Now we see what the Wolverines can do against a killer D with the trip to Wisconsin.

 Ohio State Buckeyes (3-1)

Last Week’s Ranking: 8
Week 4: Ohio State 59, Akron 7

This is one of the rankings in the top 130 that’s still based on talent and upside. It’s been a rough run, but the Buckeyes are still averaging well over 40 points per game.

6 Penn State Nittany Lions (4-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 5
Week 4: Penn State 41, Villanova 13

Forget how bad Graham Mertz and the Wisconsin offense might be – winning in Camp Randall is still strong. Handing Auburn a win was good, too, but maybe that was a wee bit overblown. The trip to Iowa is in two weeks.

5 Florida Gators (3-1)

Last Week’s Ranking: 4
Week 4: Florida 38, Tennessee 14

There’s no punishing Florida for losing to Alabama by two. The Gators were within a two-point conversion of sending that into overtime. They have to keep focus on the road against Kentucky and LSU before getting Georgia.

4 Oregon Ducks (4-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 3
Week 4: Oregon 41, Arizona 19

The win over Arizona wasn’t quite as great as the final score, but the win at Ohio State still gets enough love to earn a top four spot. No beef if you think the Ducks should be 3 because of that. The opening win over Fresno State looks a lot better now, too.

3 Arkansas Razorbacks (4-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 17
Week 4: Arkansas 20, Texas A&M 10

Yeah, it has to be done. Texas has been an offensive machine, and the Hogs won 40-21. The win over Texas A&M was even better than the final score. The team is looking and playing sharp, and it’s doing everything right.

2 Georgia Bulldogs (4-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 2
Week 4: Georgia 62, Vanderbilt 0

Clemson might not be Clemson, but it took overtime to lose at NC State and it’s still got a ton of defensive talent – so give Georgia credit for the win. Over the last three games it beat two SEC teams and a UAB squad that will probably win the Conference USA title by a combined score of 158-20.

1 Alabama Crimson Tide (4-0)

Last Week’s Ranking: 1
Week 4: Alabama 63, Southern Miss 14

Going into Florida and pulling out the win makes this ranking, but a strong case could be made that Georgia has looked stronger overall. However, Bama isn’t playing its sharpest and it’s still fantastic.

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