Purdue Boilermakers: CFN College Football Preview 2021

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Purdue Boilermakers: CFN College Football Preview 2021

2021 Preview

Purdue Boilermakers: CFN College Football Preview 2021


Purdue Boilermakers College Football Preview 2021: What Will Happen, Season Prediction

What’s with all the doom and gloom around the Jeff Brohm job status?

It’s anecdotal, but Purdue football doesn’t often come up during my various radio appearances unless there’s a reason. Brohm’s name was mentioned at least four times so far this offseason in hot-seat-coach discussions.

Yeah, when you go 6-12 in two years there’s an issue, but the offense worked, the team caught a few bad breaks last year – in, you know, a global pandemic – and this is still a program that seems closer to turning a positive corner than the other way.

The 2-4 2020 season needs to be blown off.

Again, the offense was great, but Covid was a problem for the program, Rondale Moore didn’t play the first three games, the quarterbacks had to shuffle around, the defense couldn’t come up with enough key stops, there was a rough call against Minnesota, and the four losses were all close.

2020 wasn’t the problem. 2019 was.

4-8 two years ago wasn’t pretty, but four of those eight losses came to teams that won ten games or more. The other four were the concern.

Nevada, by 21 to a TCU team that finished with a losing season, 24-6 to Illinois, and the can-never-lose home date to Indiana.

Set The Purdue Boilermakers Regular Season Win Total At … 6

This year, the key for Purdue is to not lose the games it’s supposed to win.

Yeah, duh, that goes for everyone, but for there’s really no margin for error for the Boilermakers.

Lose at Notre Dame and at Ohio State? Whatever. Cost of doing business.

They can’t lose at home to Oregon State. They can’t lose the Illinois game, and owning West Lafayette to win two for four home games against Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Indiana would be a huge help.

It’s going to be hard to get past six wins without at least one big upset, but that’s where the pressure kicks in. Purdue might be a whole lot better with Brohm, but when Indiana is able to rise up and become the second-best team in the Big Ten for a year, that’s tough.

This year’s team will be a blast.

The offense should make everyone worry, the defense – if all the parts are healthy – will be a whole lot better, and Brohm and his staff should be good enough to get the team to a bowl game.

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