College Football Power Five Sleeper Teams: 21 For 2021 Preview Topics No. 9

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College Football Power Five Sleeper Teams: 21 For 2021 Preview Topics No. 9

2021 Preview

College Football Power Five Sleeper Teams: 21 For 2021 Preview Topics No. 9


21 for 2021 key college football offseason topics: No. 9. Every Power Five league’s sleeper team. 

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Texas A&M wasn’t exactly a sleeper last going into last season, but it was ranked 13th in the preseason polls and turned out to be a whole lot stronger.

Iowa State was 23rd in the preseason AP Poll and 25th in the Coaches Poll, Northwestern received just one vote in the AP, and Indiana got just one in the Coaches.

In last year’s Power Five Sleeper Teams piece, we got Texas A&M right, hit it on 8-4 NC State, and was sort of right on a West Virginia team that went 6-4.

Politely give us a free pass on UCLA – and anything Pac-12 – and we’ll all move right along on the thought that Nebraska was finally going to become a thing under Scott Frost.

The 5 Power Five programs listed below almost certainly aren’t going to win their respective conferences, and they’re not likely to be ranked all that high – if at all – but they should give their fans a fun year.

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College Football Power Five Sleeper Teams

ACC Sleeper: Boston College Eagles

CFN 2021 Boston College Preview

To be totally honest, Boston College is here mostly because there’s not a whole lot to choose from.

NC State was the ACC call last year – and it should be every bit as strong again this time around – but Clemson is obviously amazing, and North Carolina and Miami performing well wouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

Boston College has the best shot of being that quirky out-of-the-blue team that pulls off a shocker or three thanks to a transformed passing attack that gets almost everyone back around QB Phil Jurkovec.

2021 CFN Preseason ACC Rankings

It took a year to transform the attack, the defense should be better, and the schedule will help with no Miami or North Carolina from the Coastal.

It’s asking too much to win the ACC Atlantic, but it gave Clemson fits last year, and … forget that. Clemson is Clemson.

Colgate, at UMass, at Temple. That’s three wins right there, and it’s followed up by getting a home date against Missouri. Win that, and the program’s first eight-win season since 2009 should be on the way.

To get even more jacked up, NC State, at Louisville, Virginia Tech, at Georgia Tech, Florida State, Wake Forest. Find the game after dealing with Clemson that BC can’t win.

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