5 Nutty College Football Predictions That Just Might Be Right: 21 for 2021 Preview

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5 Nutty College Football Predictions That Just Might Be Right: 21 for 2021 Preview

2021 Preview

5 Nutty College Football Predictions That Just Might Be Right: 21 for 2021 Preview


1. The Super-Senior year is going to royally mess up a few great teams

Will Ole Miss win the SEC championship? Nah. It’s not going to win the SEC West, either, but it’s loaded with veterans and super-seniors – it’s going to screw someone up.

Boston College isn’t going to win the ACC title, but it’s full of experience and starters – it’s going to screw someone up.

That’s the case with team after team after team.

Minnesota has the best lines and the most experience yet in the PJ Fleck era – that veteran team is going to be a problem for someone big.

Four starters are expected to return on the Texas Tech offensive line, and the defense is LOADED with guys getting an extra season of fun.

So what’s all of this super-senior stuff? Thanks to the problems with the COVID season of 2020, the NCAA has allowed a one-time make-good to allow seniors who normally would’ve been out of eligibility to come back for an extra run.

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Now, a whole slew of mid-range Power Five teams are full of grown-ass, fully-matured men who have been around for forever, know what they’re doing, and will savor every bit of that one more time around the block.

That just makes the big conferences even deeper and stronger.

No, that doesn’t mean Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma and Georgia are any worse, but the schedules that might look relatively manageable at times will be full of landmines.

So expect Texas Tech to be a major problem for Oklahoma on October 30th. Be careful of the Ohio State opener at Minnesota. Watch out for Boston College to possibly give Clemson an issue for the second straight year, and the Ole Miss trip to Alabama on October 2nd is more dangerous than it seems.

And again, it goes on and on from there.

Enough stalling. The call is for more out-of-the-blue upsets, more wild battles, and more interesting Power Five games than ever before.

(We hope.)

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