5 Nutty College Football Predictions That Just Might Be Right: 21 for 2021 Preview

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5 Nutty College Football Predictions That Just Might Be Right: 21 for 2021 Preview

2021 Preview

5 Nutty College Football Predictions That Just Might Be Right: 21 for 2021 Preview


21 for 2021: 5 nutty, out there, reckless college football predictions that just might turn out to be right.

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Dumb? Dangerous? Reckless? All that and more in the annual preseason home-run cut of college football predictions with five totally irresponsible calls that might just be right.

You go to the all-star game hitting .300, and you’re a god if you get to .400. That’s the goal – get two of these five right.

Last year? It was written in March of 2020, so calling that there might be some semblance of a college football season was hardly a sure-thing at the time. There obviously was a season, Notre Dame was a player in the College Football Playoff race, and I’ll take the rounding first base hit on predicting USC was going to be great.

But no, Clay Helton didn’t get a contract extension, Clemson didn’t lose two regular season games, and the SEC champion most certainly didn’t have two losses.

Oh yes, there will be a few hindsight-cringeworthy predictions here, too, but you can’t hit a home run if you don’t swing for the fences, so …

5. Three SEC teams will be worthy of being considered among the four best teams by the College Football Playoff committee

No, three SEC teams aren’t going to finish in the top four of the College Football Playoff rankings, but a very, very strong argument will be made that they’ll deserve it.

And two might get in.

Texas A&M lost one game last season – 52-24 at Alabama. That was it. It beat everyone else in a schedule full of all SEC teams, but did it get in over Clemson, or Notre Dame, or Ohio State? Nope. Was it one of the four best teams in college football? Yeah, probably.

Was 2019 Alabama one of the four best teams in college football despite losing 46-41 to an epic LSU team and dropping a date on the road to Auburn 48-45? Yeah, probably.

Was Georgia one of the four best teams in the country going into the 2018 and 2019 bowl seasons? Yeah, probably.

The 2020 A&M thing was a choice between the Aggies and a Notre Dame team coming off a thumping in the ACC Championship against Clemson, but 2018 and 2019 Georgia each had two losses, and so did 2020 Alabama.

The College Football Playoff committee has never chosen anyone with two losses.

SEC Predictions For Every 2021 Game

So what happens if the SEC has three one-loss teams that all deserve to be in the four-best-team discussion?

Alabama will probably lose once – good luck getting this team twice – and that defeat might be at Texas A&M.

The Aggies will probably lose one, but they’re good enough to once again get through the rest of the regular season unscathed.

Georgia might lose to Clemson in the opener, or it might win and then drop one date along the way.

Nutty call – three SEC teams will be 11-1 going into championship weekend, and we’re going to have a blast of a College Football Playoff debate.

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