Jacksonville Jaguars 2021 NFL Draft Analysis From The College Perspective

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Jacksonville Jaguars 2021 NFL Draft Analysis From The College Perspective

2021 NFL Draft

Jacksonville Jaguars 2021 NFL Draft Analysis From The College Perspective


2021 NFL Draft: From the college perspective, Jacksonville Jaguars draft analysis, all the picks, best value selection and biggest reach.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

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– Let me put it this way. Urban Meyer drafts like I would – it’s more of the college football view of drafting than the super-geek scout who lets the slightest imperfection get in the way of the can-play-can’t-play analysis. What did Meyer do?

He took the guys who were freakishly talented high school players – the four and five stars of the bunch – and he took the guys who are simply good at playing football. Let others project and develop – Meyer got the guys who can play.

– Go right down the draft line. There might be a little bit of a call here and there, but Stanford OT Walker Little – superstar of superstar high school prospects who’s just that good if he’s healthy. USC DT Jay Tufele – ultra-productive big-time school talent. CB Tyson Campbell – got the Georgia corner at the 33 that Green Bay should’ve taken at the 29 when it grabbed Eric Stokes, And, oh yeah …

The Jacksonville Jaguars have Trevor Lawrence. That’s it. That’s the guy. That’s the one who’s going to instantly transform the franchise from nothing into a thing. Throw in the nice timing of landing RB Travis Etienne with the 25, and let’s go.

Best Value Pick: DT Jay Tufele, USC, 4th round, 106th overall

Biggest Reach: TE Luke Farrell, Ohio State, 5th round, 145th overall

Late Flier That Could Work: DE Jordan Smith, UAB, 4th round, 121st overall

Jacksonville Jaguars 2021 NFL Draft Analysis: 2021 NFL Draft Picks

1 (01) QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson
1 (25) RB Travis Etienne, Clemson
2 (33) CB Tyson Campbell, Georgia
2 (45) OT Walker Little, Stanford
3 (65) S Andre Cisco, Syracuse
4 (106) DT Jay Tufele, USC
4 (121) DE Jordan Smith, UAB
5 (145) TE Luke Farrell, Ohio State
6 (209) WR Jalen Camp, Georgia Tech

Analysis of every 1st round pick

Jacksonville Jaguars 2021 NFL Draft Analysis: Pre-Draft Analysis

The Jaguars had a gajillion picks last year and did … meh. It’s early, but no one has stood out and the team needs first rounders CB CJ Henderson and DE K’Lavon Chaisson to be healthy and turn into stars. There’s no excuse this time around. They’re getting the one of ones, the prospect of prospects, and the guy who has the ability to take the entire franchise and make it his. Trevor Lawrence is the quarterback we’ve waited three years for, and now he’s here.

There are SO many picks that there’s room to move around and get even better picks. They need a little bit of help everywhere to help Lawrence out right away, and it starts with landing a receiver that’s sure to slide – it’s a deep class; one of the stars will be there – to the 25. The real fun, though, should be at the 33 – the first pick in Round 2.

This is where Jacksonville can clean up. Someone will desperately want the 33, and if the Jags really do want a receiver, they might trade away the 25 for a big haul of talent and assume a good target will be there with the first pick in the second. Or, trade away that 33 and load up on even more picks for Urban Meyer to play around with.

Jacksonville Jaguars 2021 NFL Draft Analysis: 2020 NFL Draft Picks

1 CB CJ Henderson, Florida
1 OLB/DE K’Lavon Chaisson, LSU
2 WR Laviska Shenault, Colorado
3 DT DaVon Hamilton, Ohio State
4 OT Ben Bartch, St. John’s (MN)
4 CB Josiah Scott, Michigan State
4 LB Shaquille Quarterman, Miami
5 S Daniel Thomas, Auburn
5 WR Collin Johnson, Texas
6 QB Jake Luton, Oregon State
6 TE Tyler Davis, Georgia Tech
7 CB Chris Claybrooks, Memphis

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