Houston Texans 2021 NFL Draft Analysis From The College Perspective

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Houston Texans 2021 NFL Draft Analysis From The College Perspective

2021 NFL Draft

Houston Texans 2021 NFL Draft Analysis From The College Perspective


2021 NFL Draft: From the college perspective, Houston Texans draft analysis, all the picks, best value selection and biggest reach.

Houston Texans 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

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– It might be total rebuild time in a whole slew of ways for the franchise, but it’s going to be about more than just the quarterback. Not having draft capital killed this team, and not being able to get some of it back by trading Deshaun Watson when it could’ve is a stroke of hugely awful luck.

Davis Mills could’ve and probably should’ve gone in the first round. Forgetting that his arrival as Houston’s first pick in the 2021 draft – even if it was in the third round – all but means the end of the Watson era, it was a very, very strong pick no matter what. Would the Texans have taken him 67th overall if everything was cool with Deshaun? Of course not, but he’s really going to be that good if he stays healthy.

There wasn’t much to play with. The Texans had just two threes, two fives and a six, but they got players. Michigan WR Nico Collins wasn’t bad at the 69, and Miami’s Brevin Jordan was a strong tight end prospect for the fifth round.

Best Value Pick: QB Davis Mills, Stanford, 3rd round, 67th overall

Biggest Reach: WR Nico Collins, Michigan, 3rd round, 69th overall

Late Flier That Could Work: LB Garret Wallow, TCU, 5th round, 170th overall

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Houston Texans 2021 NFL Draft Analysis: 2020 NFL Draft Picks

3 (67) QB Davis Mills, Stanford
3 (89) WR Nico Collins, Michigan
5 (147) TE Brevin Jordan, Miami
5 (170) LB Garret Wallow, TCU
6 (195) DT Roy Lopez, Arizona

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Houston Texans 2021 NFL Draft Analysis: Pre-Draft Analysis

Find another pro sports franchise that’s in as big a mess as Houston. Draft-wise, the Texans got next to nothing out of its 2020 class without a first rounder, and now it doesn’t pick until the early third round and only has two picks before the fifth. So …

Best … player … available in the third. This team needs just about everything, and it starts with simply finding options who can potentially start in the near future. However, the odds on getting a consistent NFL starter after the second round are shockingly slim, and they’re almost nothing from the fourth round on, so …

Strength in numbers. The only proven way to push through a rough draft situation is to find one area of need and hammer it hard. The Texans need a receiver or three, but they need defensive help even more.

Start with infrastructure on D. Start taking defensive linemen and keep taking them with the hope of of finding one guy who starts and another who can contribute.

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