Air Force Falcons: CFN College Football Preview 2021

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Air Force Falcons: CFN College Football Preview 2021

2021 Preview

Air Force Falcons: CFN College Football Preview 2021


Air Force Falcons College Football Preview 2021: Keys To The Season

Air Force Falcons Biggest Key: Offense

The offense HAS to be better at generating points in the red zone. This isn’t going to be a high-powered attack that can afford to give away opportunities – the defense just isn’t going to produce a ton of takeaways – and it can’t come away empty when inside the 20.

The team scored six points in the loss to San Jose State and seven against Army – and was 1-for-4 in the red zone in the two losses.

Overall, the Falcons scored 71% of the time inside the 20 – it was among the worst teams in the nation at it – after coming up with points 89% of the time in 2019 and at a 91% clip in 2018.

Air Force Falcons Biggest Key: Defense

For some freakish reason, interceptions mean the world to this defense. It’s not a D build on getting into the backfield of generating much of a pass rush, and there are always games against service academies and running teams from the Mountain West to deal with, but …

Picking off passes matter.

Last year the D came up with just five interceptions in the six games. It got one against Navy, two against Utah State, and one against New Mexico. Now, it’s coincidental that Air Force also won those three games against the three weakest teams on the schedule – to get the other pick in the loss to San Jose State – but don’t generate interceptions and there’s a problem.

Out of the 19 losses over the last four years, Air Force came up with a total of three interceptions.

It’s not a D that’s going to be great on third downs, and again, it doesn’t come up with sacks. Just get the ball back.

Air Force Falcons Key Player To A Successful Season

OT Ryan Booth, Sr.
And throw in there any random name on the potential depth chart for the offensive line. Booth isn’t a massive blocker, but he’s a good athlete who can move. Now he’ll be asked to try being one of the key guys on the left side and potentially replace a star in Parker Ferguson. With an entire line that needs an overhaul, it needs guys who worked their way up to be ready for right now. It’s what Air Force does.

Air Force Falcons Key Game To The 2021 Season

at Boise State, Oct. 16
The schedule isn’t all that bad with six winnable games to get the year started. It’ll be rough to get to 6-0 – going to Navy is hardly a given, and the Mountain West games are going to be fights – but even 4-2 wouldn’t be too bad. However, then it gets nasty.

The Falcons haven’t beaten Boise State since 2016 when they had the blue turfer’s number winning three in a row in the series. If the team really does come together fast, there’s an outside chance this could be for the Mountain Division title.

Air Force Schedule & Analysis

2020 Air Force Falcons Fun Stats

– 3rd Quarter Scoring 17 – 4th Quarter Scoring 54
– 4th Down Conversions: Air Force 8-of-11 (73%) – Opponents 3-of-10 (30%)
– Field Goals: Air Force 5-of-9 – Opponents 2-of-6

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