2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings, All 32 From The College Perspective

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2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings, All 32 From The College Perspective

2021 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings, All 32 From The College Perspective


2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings Top 5

5. Detroit Lions

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 10, 2019: 21, 2018: 24

They got OT Penei Sewell at the 7. Start there, and the Lions – who know all too well the perils of falling for the shiny wide receiver objects in the top ten – had a great draft. But it kept going with great options for the defensive interior, some nice late skill guy fliers, and a whole lot of really good college players who should set a nasty tone for the new regime.
Detroit Lions 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

4. Dallas Cowboys

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 2, 2019: 15, 2018: 29

You think Dallas wants to fix the defense? Being able to get Penn State LB Micah Parsons at the 12 was ridiculous – sometimes teams overthink it and don’t take the almost-sure-thing prospects.

The Cowboys kept taking good defensive player after good defensive player, with the run stopping after landing another crazy-value LB in LSU’s Jabril Cox in the fourth. Even the late defensive picks in the sixth round were wonderful calls.
Dallas Cowboys 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 30, 2019: 8, 2018: 2

It’s Pittsburgh, so it all seems to make crystal clear sense when it drafts a guy. 30 seconds after every pick there’s a collective, “yeah, that should work.” Najee Harris at the 24 is a franchise-changer – if ever there was a perfect back for the perfect team at the perfect time, there he is.

This draft also seemed to crush it with the two O line picks and the linebackers – watch out for Miami’s Quincy Roche in the sixth. Although most of the late picks obviously won’t stick, there’s no real argument with any of them.
Pittsburgh Steelers 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

2. Chicago Bears

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 25, 2019: 30, 2018: 12

Whether or not the Justin Fields call works – especially if it ends up looking bad to move up and take him instead of Mac Jones – that’s exactly what the franchise needed to do. It had to wake this thing up from the doldrums, and at least Fields is a bold shot at greatness at a reasonable value. Moving up to get Oklahoma State OT Tevin Jenkins at the 39 – he could’ve easily been a first rounder – was wonderful, and there are a whole slew of sixth round chances that really could become factors.
Chicago Bears 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 8, 2019: 23, 2018: 23

It’s so crazy it just might work – take awesome college football players who also have big-time NFL tools.

What? The madness.

It’s shocking how few teams combine both of those concepts, but Urban Meyer made it simple. For the most part, he went after guys who were huge high school recruits with the raw skills to go along with the production.

Basically, Jacksonville took a slew of guys who have always been superstar prospects, or grew into one like 3-star recruit Travis Etienne. There weren’t a slew of try-hard Johnny Walk-On types in this group.

Combine that with the talent and potential, and you have a draft that should be the cornerstone of a massive turnaround. Oh yeah, and they got Trevor Lawrence.
Jacksonville Jaguars 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

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