2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings, All 32 From The College Perspective

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2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings, All 32 From The College Perspective

2021 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings, All 32 From The College Perspective


2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings Top 15

15. Cincinnati Bengals

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 14, 2019: 2, 2018: 21

Apparently, Cincinnati has everything it needs. It’s so good and so loaded that it could afford to take a kicker in the fifth round.

Okay, so the Bengals had a ton of picks and that’s fine, but 1) they needed an OT and took Ja’Marr Chase over Penei Sewell. That had better be the right call, and 2) they took a whole lot of guys who are just okay NFL prospects. Florida PK Evan McPherson can’t be the best pro of the bunch after the third round.
Cincinnati Bengals 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

14. Tennessee Titans

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 24, 2019: 10, 2018: 14

The Titans threw Virginia Tech’s Caleb Farley and Washington’s Elijah Molden at the cornerback problem. Start there and don’t get too hung up on anything else.

There were a slew of strong flier picks late, and landing OT Dillon Radunz in the second round will help, but it would’ve been nice to get one of the better wide receivers in a deep draft – Dez Fitzpatrick in the fourth round is okay, but that’s not fixing the glitch.
Tennessee Titans 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

13. Miami Dolphins

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 4, 2019: 27, 2018: 30

It’s close. They could’ve used another flier of a wide receiver to go along with the Jaylen Waddle pick at the 6, and Miami edge rusher Jaelan Phillips didn’t fit a glaring need at the 18, but they got real players with their first five picks. They should have – they were all in the top 81. However, if Waddle isn’t amazing – taking wide receivers in the top ten has lately been a bad, bad call – this class looks very ordinary very fast.
Miami Dolphins 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

12. Kansas City Chiefs

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 23, 2019: 32, 2018: 18

For Kansas City, the draft was actually … normal? The franchise doesn’t do anything by the drafting book – and everything has worked out just fine thanks to that one very, very big pick at the 10 in 2017 – but this time it actually took great prospects at the right times. The late round fliers were fantastic, particularly Tennessee OG Trey Smith in the sixth. If the medical concerns turn out to be okay, kaboom.
Kansas City Chiefs 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

11. Denver Broncos

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 16, 2019: 3, 2018: 3

YOU HAD ONE JOB. Okay, so maybe Denver likes Drew Lock, or maybe it’s about to get Aaron Rodgers, but to come out of a quarterback-loaded draft without a quarterback was puzzling.

However, forgetting that glaring decision, it was a really good haul of other positions, especially for the secondary. Always like the strength-in-numbers picks – take the same position a few times late and hope for one to hit. The Broncos did that.
Denver Broncos 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

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