2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings, All 32 From The College Perspective

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2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings, All 32 From The College Perspective

2021 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings, All 32 From The College Perspective


2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings Top 20

20. Cleveland Browns

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 7, 2019: 19, 2018: 26

Ehhhhhhh, it’s not awful, but it’s all on the first two picks, and Northwestern CB Greg Newsome has durability concerns. However, getting Notre Dame LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah at the 52 was among the draft’s biggest steals. After that it’s all random fliers. Auburn WR Anthony Schwartz will be the guy you pick up in your fantasy league after a 3-119, 2 TD game, and then he’ll give you a bunch of zeros.
Cleveland Browns 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

19. Atlanta Falcons

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 21, 2019: 24, 2018: 22

Okay, fine … I’ll be the one to say it. At the end of the day, Kyle Pitts is still a tight end. He might be a really, really great one, but if Justin Fields or Mac Jones turns out to be just that good, not going QB at the 4 might turn out to be a massive miss a few years from now – even if Pitts has All-Pro talent.

Whatever – there’s no real beefing about the Pitts pick. However, there wasn’t a whole ton to love after that. The Falcons didn’t take a quarterback, could’ve used a flier on a running back, and reached big on Michigan OT Jaylen Mayfield at the 68.
Atlanta Falcons 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 18, 2019: 13, 2018: 10

The party line was that Tampa Bay didn’t need a whole lot of instant talent with just about everyone back, but it actually did need to go after more options, and did. The draft is all about Florida QB Kyle Trask in the second round. If he’s the 2023 starter, this draft worked. If he’s not – assuming that Tom Brady is done – and/or Kellen Mond or Davis Mills turn out to be special, this draft will be seen as a big misfire.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

17. San Francisco 49ers

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 29, 2019: 29, 2018: 20

It’s a sneaky-good draft considering all the attention will be on the Trey Lance call at the 3 – and rightly so. If Lance is outstanding, then fine – the draft is a success. If he’s not Pro Bowl-caliber going into the 2023 season, this draft is a problem – that means the franchise isn’t going to a Super Bowl partly because they blew the call.

However, he’s the shot for the stars get, the running backs are interesting – if not entirely necessary – and the O line got itself some blasters. Basically, the idea seems to be to grind it out to take the pressure off the new guy under center.
San Francisco 49ers 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

16. Buffalo Bills

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 13, 2019: 4, 2018: 8

It’s not the sexiest class, but it’s effective. Give the Bills this – they needed pass rushers, and they got pass rushers. It was a weak draft for them, but Miami’s Gregory Rousseau at the 30 and Wake Forest’s Carlos “Boogie” Basham at the 61 was nice. They beefed up the O line, and they took some solid late shots to help the secondary.
Buffalo Bills 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

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