2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings, All 32 From The College Perspective

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2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings, All 32 From The College Perspective

2021 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings, All 32 From The College Perspective


2021 NFL Draft Team Rankings Top 25

25. Green Bay Packers

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 22, 2019: 20, 2018: 17

Just when it seemed like Aaron Rodgers was being whiny, this draft showed he might be right. There were a whole lot of blah picks that aren’t going to move the needle. The Packers had nine selections, and they took a random collection of prospects with almost no value for their respective spots. It started with the giant reach of Georgia CB Eric Stokes about 30 picks too early in the first and went on from there.
Green Bay Packers 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

24. New York Giants

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 19, 2019: 9, 2018: 1

The Giants caught a huge break with Georgia edge rusher Azeez Ojulari sliding to the 50 – he could’ve gone top 20 and no one would’ve blinked – and UCF CB Aaron Robinson in the third was nice, and that’s about it. Florida WR Kaderius Toney isn’t going to take Daniel Jones to another level by himself, and there’s one bigger, glaring problem – the team did absolutely nothing for the offensive line depth.
New York Giants 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

23. Las Vegas Raiders

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 12, 2019: 17, 2018: 13

This franchise is hell-bent on taking its guys where it takes its guys – value be damned. There’s no real arguing with an Alabama starting left tackle like Alex Leatherwood in the first round, but the 17 was way rich. TCU S Trevon Moehrig was who the Raiders should’ve taken, and they got him at the 43. The rest of the draft was about the secondary and helping the defensive side, but it’s a mediocre group of talents.
Las Vegas Raiders 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

22. Los Angeles Chargers

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 11, 2019: 22, 2018: 6

Considering the franchise is all about helping Justin Herbert, it’s an okay draft, but he needs more weapons. The picks for the offensive line were solid – getting Rashawn Slater at the 13 changed up the draft a bit – but Tennessee’s Josh Palmer doesn’t change around the receiving corps.
Los Angeles Chargers 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

21. Baltimore Ravens

CFN Draft Rankings
2020: 9, 2019: 12, 2018: 16

It’s a strange draft. The Ravens filled needs with positions, but the guys they got weren’t all that great for the value. Taking Minnesota WR Rashod Bateman over Elijah Moore from Ole Miss was the big call, but that’s fine – landing Oklahoma State’s Tylan Wallace in the fourth made up for it.

There aren’t a whole lot of sure-thing, obvious NFL starters in this bunch, but it’s not a bad class. It just might not be quite as effective as some will like.
Baltimore Ravens 2021 NFL Draft Analysis

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