NFL Draft Guard, Center Rankings 2021: From The College Perspective

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NFL Draft Guard, Center Rankings 2021: From The College Perspective

2021 NFL Draft

NFL Draft Guard, Center Rankings 2021: From The College Perspective


2021 NFL Draft Guard, Center Rankings Top Ten

10. Quinn Meinerz, Wisconsin-Whitewater (C/OG)

Size: 6-3, 320

The Good: The Senior Bowl made the guy a whole lot of money. Amazing at the D-III level, he was a dominant force for a killer team. One trip to Mobile later, and he looked like he belonged with the Power Five brand name guys. He’s got the size and power to be a guard, but he’s an NFL center who’s still improving.

The Not-So-Good: Division III. Again, he was more than solid at the Senior Bowl against the big guys, but the team didn’t play in 2020 and he’s going from 0-to-90 miles per hour if thrown too the wolves right away. In Mobile he won on power and toughness, but there’s a lot of refining to do.

NFL Draft College Perspective Thought: Don’t expect massive things right away, but work through the learning curve and he’s a long term answer for somewhere in the interior. Watch for him to be a must-have on someone’s board early on Day 3.

Projected Round: Fourth

9. Josh Myers, Ohio State (C)

Size: 6-5, 312

The Good: He’s got the NFL size, bulk, and length everyone is looking for. The leader of a few fantastic Buckeye lines, he’s able to get on the move enough to matter and brings just enough power to be more than adequate at blasting away. The basics are all there.

The Not-So-Good: Yeah, all the traits are in place to be a good starting NFL center, but the skill set isn’t necessarily elite. There’s no real knock on what he does, but there’s no real wow factor, either. He’s not going to make a whole slew of mistakes and he gets the job done. It might not be at a Pro Bowl level, but he’ll start.

NFL Draft College Perspective Thought: Don’t read too much into the negatives – there really aren’t any other than that he’s a bit stiff. The one big sticking point with him will be the lack of any one standout thing compared to some of the other top centers, but he’s going to be very durable and very reliable. That’s just fine for a starting NFL center.

Projected Round: Third

8. Creed Humphrey, Oklahoma (C)

Size: 6-4, 302

The Good: The quarterback of a line that’s been one of the most efficient and effective over the last few years, he’s the guy who’ll take over your front five right away and know the offense as well as the coach. A true mauler, overlook the lack of refinement and bottom line it with him – he gets the job done as a nasty all-around blocker.

The Not-So-Good: He doesn’t necessarily look the part. He’s hardly small, but he’s not quite as bulky as most teams would like, he’s not a great athlete, and there isn’t one athletic trait that stands out at an NFL level.

NFL Draft College Perspective Thought: You want a ten-year starting center for your NFL line? Here you go. There’s just enough missing from his style and skill set to drop him down a wee bit among the top centers, but some team will be ecstatic when he’s there for the taking.

Projected Round: Third

7. Deonte Brown, Alabama (OG)

Size: 6-3, 344

The Good: If you can get past a few flaws and concerns, he’s a bulldozer of a blocker with the leverage missing from some of the other top guards who might be taller.

No, he doesn’t quite look the part, and yeah, he’s not going to move much, but you’re not moving the guy off of his base. No, he’s not going to be for everyone, but yeah, if you want to blast away for the ground game, he’ll get it done.

The Not-So-Good: He’s hardly small at 6-3, but he’s not all that long – he has a heavy that’s good for leverage but isn’t out of central casting. While he’s not stuck in the mud, he’s not all that athletic and isn’t going to do much of anything on the move.

NFL Draft College Perspective Thought: He’s not going to be for everyone, but for a team with athletes and length on the line, he can play either guard spot and be the run blocker to work around. He’ll make up for his shortcomings by doing all of the little things right.

Projected Round: Third

6. Trey Smith, Tennessee (OG/OT)

Size: 6-6, 321

The Good: Big, tough, and talented, the one-time superstar recruit has been through it all in a rough run and deserves everything he gets for his perseverance. Originally a top tackle prospect, he’s purely a guard at the next level, and that’s not a knock considering he’s right out of central casting. He’s a blaster with the power to go along with the bulk and size.

The Not-So-Good: Don’t expect him to move all that much. He’s not a statue, but he’s all about cranking things up in the interior – but without elite quickness as a pass protector. Talent-wise there’s no issue, but he’ll drop in the draft over concerns of a frightening issue with blood clots he had to fight through.

NFL Draft College Perspective Thought: He’s a minimal risk on greatness after the first 50 picks. If everything with him stays healthy and okay, he’s a potential Pro Bowl-caliber guard with the upside to be an anchor of a line. After all he’s been through, he deserves a great career.

Projected Round: Third

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