2021 NFL Draft Top 105 Pro Prospects, Three Rounds: From The College Perspective

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2021 NFL Draft Top 105 Pro Prospects, Three Rounds: From The College Perspective

2021 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft Top 105 Pro Prospects, Three Rounds: From The College Perspective


2020 NFL Draft First Round Prospects, Top Ten Best Players On The Board

10 QB Justin Fields, Ohio State

Bottom Line: NFL types seem to have made a hobby out of knocking his game. He might not have the same NFL polish as other options this year, but his issues are fixable and he has way, way, way too much talent to pass on. Best of all, he has room to grow and get even better – he’s just getting started.
Who Has This Pick: Dallas

9 WR DeVonta Smith, Alabama

Bottom Line: If you can get past that he’s built like a Q-tip and won’t bring any semblance of physicality – sorry for using that word – whatsoever, yeah, he’ll be great. Everyone tried to stop him, everyone designed game plans around shutting him down, and all he did was produce and produce more. Give him 15 minutes to work in an NFL camp, and then good luck finding a better route runner.
Who Has This Pick: Denver

8 WR Ja’Marr Chase, LSU

Bottom Line: It’s a phenomenal group of wide receivers coming out this year, and he’s the standout of them all – including a guy who won a Heisman. He’s 6-4, 200 pounds, runs a 4.34, and was the best wide receiver in college football in 2019 even over all the Alabama stars and some Justin Jefferson guy who was pretty good as a rookie.
Who Has This Pick: Carolina

7 QB Trey Lance, North Dakota State

Bottom Line: He’s a shot-for-the-stars project who’ll need a few years and a whole lot of lumps before it works, but he’s mature enough to handle it. There might be other more NFL-ready prospects, but no one other than Trevor Lawrence has a higher ceiling. He’s got the skills that will fire the GMs who pass on him.
Who Has This Pick: Detroit

6 RB Najee Harris, Alabama

Bottom Line: Running back has been devalued, you don’t have to take one early, and … Harris is the all-around back with 232-pound size, 4.45 speed, toughness, and a nose for the end zone. There are few backs who are truly No. 1 guys in every way – he just has that dynamic thing that the stars have – with the ability to be more than just another running back in a system. As much as any quarterback outside of Trevor Lawrence, and certainly more than any receiver, he’s the centerpiece of your offense.
Who Has This Pick: Miami

5 CB Patrick Surtain II, Alabama

Bottom Line: Don’t hurt your brain thinking too much about this. You have a guy who was coached at the highest of levels by Bama, and more importantly for the position, his dad. He’s 6-2, 208, runs a 4.46, and he’s a true corner who’s going to be a game-wrecker for any secondary. Go with the no-bust Pro Bowl star whenever you have the chance.
Who Has This Pick: Cincinnati

4 TE Kyle Pitts, Florida

Bottom Line: An elite receiving tight end prospect, he’s 6-6, 245 and runs a 4.44. He’ll go get the ball when it’s thrown his way, he’s a deep threat, and he’s got the freakish all-around ability to be a phenomenal value considering the talent chasm between him and the rest of the tight ends.
Who Has This Pick: Atlanta

3 LB Micah Parsons, Penn State

Bottom Line: What else do you want in an outside linebacker? 4.39 speed? Check. 6-3, 246-pound size? Check. Pass coverage, sideline-to-sideline skills, pass rushing? Check all those boxes, too. He’s the prototype who’ll be an instant superstar.
Who Has This Pick: San Francisco

2 OT Penei Sewell, Oregon

Bottom Line: You know those prospects who are so good that the scouting types make up things to pretend that there’s a possible issue? That’s Sewell. While several teams will throw a quarterback at the wall and see if it sticks, someone will get a perennial Pro Bowl talent. He’s still very, very young – just 20 – but before opting out he was the most dominant blocking force in college football. In several other years he’d be the easy No. 1 overall pick.
Who Has This Pick: New York Jets

1 QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson

Bottom Line: You don’t wait this long for the franchise quarterback prospect of franchise quarterback prospects and not take him at the 1. He’s got all the raw skills, the experience, and the NFL demeanor to be everything the Jaguars could want. There aren’t many all-time quarterback prospects – Elway and Luck might be it – who were this strong.
Who Has This Pick: Jacksonville

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