2021 NFL Draft Top 105 Pro Prospects, Three Rounds: From The College Perspective

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2021 NFL Draft Top 105 Pro Prospects, Three Rounds: From The College Perspective

2021 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft Top 105 Pro Prospects, Three Rounds: From The College Perspective


2021 NFL Draft Second Round Prospects, 64 Best Players On The Board

64 LB Dylan Moses, Alabama

Bottom Line: A big hitter who can run all day, he’s not nearly as big as expected when he got the NFL measurements – he’s 6-2, 225 – and he’s had too many injury issues. However, when he’s 100% and rolling, he’ll lead a team in tackles.
Who Has This Pick: Tampa Bay

63 DE/EDGE Joseph Ossai, Texas

Bottom Line: Where will teams put him? He can play outside linebacker, could be a true end, or could be an edge rusher who turns into a third down specialist. He’ll put in the work needed, but now he’s got to find a set job.
Who Has This Pick: Kansas City

62 CB/S Ifeatu Melifonwu, Syracuse

Bottom Line: A really, really interesting prospect. he’s huge, can play anywhere, and he can hit. He’s probably a safety, but he’s talented enough to try out at corner. Someone will know what they want out of him and grab him in the top 50.
Who Has This Pick: Green Bay

61 LB Chazz Surratt, North Carolina

Bottom Line: The former star quarterback recruit is still trying to figure out how to play linebacker. He doesn’t look the part, and he doesn’t even really play the right role of linebacker, but he makes a whole lot of tackles and he’s always doing something big.
Who Has This Pick: Buffalo

60 DT Marvin Wilson, Florida State

Bottom Line: Can he become the sure-thing first round guy he appeared to be before last year? He lost his groove and was whatever last year, but if the 2018/2019 Marvin Wilson shows up – if he’s in prime shape and can stay healthy – he’s one of the 15 best players in the draft.
Who Has This Pick: New Orleans

59 DT Alim McNeill, NC State

Bottom Line: While he might not fit the perfect all-around NFL mold, he doesn’t get budged off his base, he moves surprisingly well, and he has experience being the main man anchor type for a defense that needed an alpha up front.
Who Has This Pick: Cleveland

58 DT Jaylen Twyman, Pitt

Bottom Line: A phenomenal pass rusher who’ll sink a bit and be a great value pick because he 1) opted out and 2) isn’t a massive run stopper. He’s a shot for the stars who’s going to mess up a whole lot of gameplans.
Who Has This Pick: Baltimore

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57 S Jamar Johnson, Indiana

Bottom Line: Put him at any safety spot and he’ll be terrific. There might not be a lot of elite NFL tools, but he’ll do everything right, he’ll make every play needed, and he’s got the experience to be steady right out of the box.
Who Has This Pick: Los Angeles Rams

56 WR Rashod Bateman, Minnesota

Bottom Line: He might not be your alpha-receiver who becomes a superstar. Whatever – he’s going to be a phenomenal No. 2 guy with sub-4.4 speed and the potential to be a devastating home run hitter who can also run every other route needed.
Who Has This Pick: Seattle

55 S Hamsah Nasirildeen, Florida State

Bottom Line: The ultimate character player, he’s got the exact personality you want to go along with his 6-3, 215-pound size and 192 tackles of production over two years. The knock? He’s still getting to 100% after suffering a knee injury.
Who Has This Pick: Pittsburgh

54 CB Paulson Adebo, Stanford

Bottom Line: There was a moment last year at this time when he seemed like a top 15 pick. Big, fast, and massively productive when he played, but he had injury issues and sat out last year. He’ll be a fantastic value pick after the first 50 selections.
Who Has This Pick: Indianapolis

53 WR Kadarius Toney, Florida

Bottom Line: He’s got the otherworldly quickness and speed to be a dangerous part of any offense, but he really only went nuclear for Florida for a few weeks late last year. He has to prove he can stay healthy after getting banged up early on.
Who Has This Pick: Tennessee

52 QB Davis Mills, Stanford

Bottom Line: Don’t be crazy shocked of Mills somehow finds his way into the first round – and don’t be crazy shocked if he gets picked ahead of one of the big five QBs on the board. Absolutely everything is there to be a high-end NFL passer.
Who Has This Pick: Chicago

51 OT Alex Leatherwood, Alabama

Bottom Line: While he’s not your typical Alabama out-of-central-casting left tackle, he was just fine for one of the most devastating offenses the college football world had ever seen. He might not seem like he’s doing anything sensational. but he’ll do everything well.
Who Has This Pick: Washington

50 OT Walker Little, Stanford

Bottom Line: Ugggggh, that knee injury. He’d be top ten overall material if hadn’t hurt his knee in 2019. After opting out in 2020, that’s almost two full seasons without playing. However, the elite recruit who showed why he’s so special in 2018 has too much prototype upside to pass on.
Who Has This Pick: Miami

49 DT Tyler Shelvin, LSU

Bottom Line: There a whole slew of quick, athletic defensive tackles in this draft who can crank up the energy to get behind the line. Yeah – my sub has steak. Shelvin is the 6-2, 350-pound Coke machine who’ll gum up the works.
Who Has This Pick: Arizona

48 DE/EDGE Rashad Weaver, Pitt

Bottom Line: It would’ve been nice if he was faster than 4.85 on one of his pro day runs, but he’s a pass rusher who got to the quarterback early in his career and cranked it right back up after missing a year with a knee injury. Draft him, and he’ll get to your quarterback.
Who Has This Pick: Las Vegas

47 S Richie Grant, UCF

Bottom Line: While he might be 6-0, 197 and a bit wiry, he’ll never back away from a tackle or a tough play. He made a TON of plays for UCF – 290 tackles – and he’s got the wheels to go along with the hitting ability.
Who Has This Pick: Los Angeles Chargers

46 RB Javonte Williams, North Carolina

Bottom Line: It’s not like he’s slow, and he certainly came up with a whole lot of mid-range runs, but he’s more of a steady strength back who’ll always give you something positive. Add him as part of your rotation and he’ll get five yards on every carry.
Who Has This Pick: New England

45 OG Wyatt Davis, Ohio State

Bottom Line: Put him on the inside of your line, let him beat up NFL defensive linemen, repeat. He’s a tone-setting tough guy who’ll make up for a few concerns – he’s not a great athlete and he’s been banged up – by simply blocking the man in front of him.
Who Has This Pick: Jacksonville

44 DE/EDGE Joe Tryon, Washington

Bottom Line: A true hybrid, he had one huge year and that’s enough to make him a top pick as a pass rusher. Opting out didn’t help him and any draft buzz, but he can be a factor behind the line until he gets his time logged in.
Who Has This Pick: Dallas

43 CB/S Elijah Molden, Washington

Bottom Line: DRAFT THIS MAN. He’s a true tweener, but he’s also a true football player who can play anywhere in a secondary. He’s going to be the leader of a defense, an all-around baller who gets the job done, and he’ll be a longtime starter coaches love.
Who Has This Pick: San Francisco

42 S Jevon Holland, Oregon

Bottom Line: Throw him in the middle of your defensive backfield, tell him to go make something big happen, and he’ll do it. He’s way fast, way good at getting the ball when he has to fight for it, and find others to deal with the running game.
Who Has This Pick: New York Giants

41 LB Zaven Collins, Tulsa

Bottom Line: Big, fast, and very, very productive, he’s got an uncanny ability to rise up and make something huge happen just when the defense needs it the most. He doesn’t have a true fit, but give him one of your 11 spots on D and he’ll come up with a big play.
Who Has This Pick: Detroit

40 DE/EDGE Azeez Ojulari, Georgia

Bottom Line: One of the draft’s biggest wild cards, he’s got the size and the ability to be a true outside linebacker if needed, but he’s not quite fast enough – he looks it on the field, though – and he might not have a true position.
Who Has This Pick: Denver

39 TE Pat Friermuth, Penn State

Bottom Line: Let him run down the middle of the field, let him use his size and hands to catch the ball on the move, and do it again. He might not be much of a blocker, and he doesn’t have elite athleticism, but he’ll become a red zone/third down conversion god.
Who Has This Pick: Carolina

38 CB Greg Newsome, Northwestern

Bottom Line: The 4.38 helped up his stock that much more. When he was on the field he was among the best and most productive corners in the country but he was never quite healthy and couldn’t get through a full season. If he can stay in one piece, though, he could be special.
Who Has This Pick: Cincinnati

37 OT/OG Teven Jenkins, Oklahoma State

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a versatile run blocker with 6-6, 317-pound size and a nasty streak, boom. For good and for bad he can play anywhere – he might not have one high-end spot – but he’ll set a tone for your ground attack.
Who Has This Pick: Philadelphia

36 LB Jamin Davis, Kentucky

Bottom Line: It’s a little concerning that he’s a one-year wonder, but he was a dominant force for a Kentucky defense that needed dominant forces. He’s a 6-4, 234-pound 102-tackle guy who runs a 4.4. Just wait until he knows what he’s doing.
Who Has This Pick: Miami

35 DE/EDGE Gregory Rousseau, Miami

Bottom Line: This really isn’t a fair ranking since he was seen as a possible top ten overall pick at the end of 2019 – he made 15.5 sacks – and opted out of last year. Chiseled out of granite, he’s very big, very ideal as an NFL-looking end, and he’ll be more than great with a little bit of time.
Who Has This Pick: Atlanta

34 DE Carlos Basham, Wake Forest

Bottom Line: Here’s your true end in this draft. He can get behind the line and make a whole lot of big plays, but the 275-pounder isn’t a speed rusher. There’s a whole lot of versatility depending on the weight he plays at.
Who Has This Pick: New York Jets

33 DT Jay Tufele, USC

Bottom Line: Really, really athletic, he’s a high-energy interior pass rusher who’s going to be a problem if flanked by bulky options. Get past what he isn’t – he’s not your anchor – but he’ll live in NFL backfields.
Who Has This Pick: Jacksonville

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