2021 NFL Draft Top 105 Pro Prospects, Three Rounds: From The College Perspective

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2021 NFL Draft Top 105 Pro Prospects, Three Rounds: From The College Perspective

2021 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft Top 105 Pro Prospects, Three Rounds: From The College Perspective


2021 NFL Draft Third Round Prospects, Best Players On The Board

85 RB Trey Sermon, Ohio State

Bottom Line: Can we get the guy that looked like the most dominant running back in college football over the last few games of 2020 before getting hurt? There’s still a ton of tread on the tires, but he really only rocked for a little bit. The talent and ability are there to blossom as a pro.
Who Has This Pick: Tennessee

84 OG Aaron Banks, Notre Dame

Bottom Line: No one’s going to move this guy off of his base. He’s a strong, nasty blocker who might not be for everyone – he’s not exactly a one-note blocker, but he’s not far off – but he’ll be one of the better people-moving right guards in the NFL.
Who Has This Pick: Philadelphia

83 RB Rhamondre Stevenson, Oklahoma

Bottom Line: Power, power, power. You don’t play for Oklahoma if you can’t do a little of everything right as a running back, but Stevenson brings the 235-pound thump. Don’t expect flash, but if you’re hoping to find a value 20-carry-a-game back, here you go.
Who Has This Pick: Chicago

82 OT Spencer Brown, Northern Iowa

Bottom Line: The 6-9 blocker has a huge frame with room to take on more weight, but he might stay around 315 to keep his tremendous athleticism. He needs to hit the weights a bit, but he’s an NBA power forward-type with that kind of feet.
Who Has This Pick: Washington

81 WR Sage Surratt, Wake Forest

Bottom Line: He’s too slow, but the guy is big, beats people up for the ball, and he always, always, always produced at a good ACC level. Just throw the ball somewhere inside the stadium and he’ll go and get it.
Who Has This Pick: Miami

80 S Talanoa Huanga, USC

Bottom Line: Love, love, love, love, love his game. Ultra-physical, he makes a whole lot of plays with terrific tackling skills while getting better when the ball was in the air. So what’s the issue? He’s so physical that he’s always hurt. If he stays healthy, he might just be the best safety in the draft – that’s a massive if, though.
Who Has This Pick: Las Vegas

79 CB Aaron Robinson, UCF

Bottom Line: There’s a whole lot not to like – he doesn’t have any one tool that stands out at an elite level – but he makes a whole lot of tackles, breaks up a whole lot of passes, and he’ll be a reliable starter for a long time.
Who Has This Pick: Las Vegas

78 LB Amen Ogbongbemiga, Oklahoma State

Bottom Line: You want lots and lots and lots of tackles? Here you go. He’s a big-hitting tough guy who might not run a lot or get behind the line, but he’s a smart player who’s always in on the play.
Who Has This Pick: Minnesota

77 OT/OG Stone Forsythe, Florida

Bottom Line: He’s a 6-9 pass protector who’s almost impossible to get around. He can be a wall-off big guard, or he can show off just enough quickness to be a solid right tackle. He might not be a killer for the ground game, but he’s good enough overall to find a starting spot somewhere up front.
Who Has This Pick: Cincinnati

76 DE Payton Turner, Houston

Bottom Line: A big 270-pound end, he’s a veteran with size and a good college resumé – when he was healthy. Injuries, Covid, tacky-tack problems – he always had to play through and get through issues. As his limited time in 2020 showed, he’s getting better and better.
Who Has This Pick: Philadelphia

75 CB Eric Stokes, Georgia

Bottom Line: There are a whole lot of fast players in this draft – Stokes is faster. He’s a 4.25 speedster with a great frame and a whole lot of production when the ball is in the air. However, he doesn’t get too physical and could drop because he might have problems with bigger targets.
Who Has This Pick: Dallas

74 DT Bobby Brown, Texas A&M

Bottom Line: The prototype looks-wise, he’s a 6-4, 321-pounder who carries it all well as a strong run stopper. He’s not going to get behind the line at the next level, but you’ll love him on third and short. Young, he’s still got a world of upside.
Who Has This Pick: Washington

73 OT/OG Dillon Radunz, North Dakota State

Bottom Line: A true tweener, he’s got a nasty demeanor and will power away as one of the better guards in the draft if he doesn’t work at tackle. However, at 6-4 and 301 pounds he’s not a massive blocker for the outside. His versatile will buy hi a few rounds.
Who Has This Pick: Carolina

72 LB Jabril Cox, LSU

Bottom Line: It’s been an interesting run, doing huge things for North Dakota State before doing huge things for LSU. He’s big, can hang in pass coverage, and has the all-around ability to be a good fit for someone who needs a solid NFL starter who can play several spots.
Who Has This Pick: Detroit

71 DT Osa Odighizuwa, UCLA

Bottom Line: He’s not bulky enough at 6-2 and 280, but he’s a load in the backfield with the all-around stat sheet ability to do anything you need. As long as he’s next to a massive human so he can do what he does behind the line, look out.
Who Has This Pick: Denver

70 DE/EDGE Patrick Jones, Pitt

Bottom Line: One of the most experienced ends in the draft, he got better in each of his three years with a crafty and bullish way of getting to the quarterback. He might need to be a part of your rotation, but he’ll make plays.
Who Has This Pick: Philadelphia

69 OT Liam Eichenberg, Notre Dame

Bottom Line: Excellent for Notre Dame as he kept the left tackle lineage going. He can block and he produced at a high level, but he’s not quite bulky enough and he’s missing the elite NFL tackle athleticism. There’s no real risk, but you might just get a steady starter instead of a star.
Who Has This Pick: Cincinnati

68 CB Asante Samuel, Florida State

Bottom Line: He’s got the game to go along with the name. He might give up a whole lot of catches, but he breaks up passes in mass quantities. There might not be the elite raw tools, but you’re taking a huge chance throwing a 50/50 ball his way.
Who Has This Pick: Atlanta

67 LB Monty Rice, Georgia

Bottom Line: A true inside linebacker who doesn’t do anything flashy but will always get his nose dirty, he’s the one everything works around. If you want big highlight plays, take him, and he’ll do the tough job that lets everyone else do the fun stuff.
Who Has This Pick: Houston

66 S Andre Cisco, Syracuse

Bottom Line: Wildly productive during his time, the 6-1, 216-pounder who runs a 4.48 made 136 tackles with 13 picks in his two seasons. His knock? He tries too hard – he goes for every play.
Who Has This Pick: New York Jets

65 OT Sam Cosmi, Texas

Bottom Line: You want him as your pass protector. He might not do anything to excite the masses as a run blocker, but the athleticism and frame are exactly right for today’s NFL. He’ll be a value-pick starting left tackle.
Who Has This Pick: Jacksonville

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