2021 NFL Draft: 32 Best Players Available For Round Two, Where Are They Picked?

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2021 NFL Draft: 32 Best Players Available For Round Two, Where Are They Picked?

2021 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft: 32 Best Players Available For Round Two, Where Are They Picked?


2021 NFL Draft: The best players still on the board after Round 1 going into Round 2 of the NFL Draft.

2021 NFL Draft: 32 Best Players Available, Round 2

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CFN 2021 NFL Draft Prospect Rankings
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Top 105 2021 NFL Draft Prospects

32. CB/S Ifeatu Melifonwu, Syracuse

So where do you play him? Is he a 6-3, 205-pound dominant corner, or is he really more of a free roaming safety who brings ridiculous athleticism to the mix? The issue is his lack of a true position. Someone has to come up with a set idea of how to use him, but the tools are there.

31. LB Chazz Surratt, North Carolina

The former quarterback doesn’t exactly look or fit the type, but he’s always around the ball, thinks the game like a former top passing recruit, and has a world of upside still to go. He’s just starting as a big-time linebacker even though he already has most of the nuances down.
Drafted By: Minnesota, 3rd round, 15 (78)

30. DT Marvin Wilson, Florida State

Don’t let him slip. Yeah, he dropped last year after adding some weight and not quite being up to his previous self in a lost year, if and when he gets it all together he might just be the best defensive tackle in the draft. It’ll all be about his conditioning.

29. DT Alim McNeill, NC State

A bit smallish for the position and without the right NFL look or feel, he might not be for everyone. However, in a light year for tackles, he’s an anchor with great strength in the interior. He can get in the backfield, though, and he’ll be a top leader for any D.
Drafted By: Detroit, 3rd round, 8 (72)

28. DT Jaylen Twyman, Pitt

soConsider it a bit of a shocker if he lasts ten picks in the second round. He’s not your normal tackle, and he’s going to fall a wee bit because he didn’t play last year, but good luck finding a better prospect for the interior of the line.

27. S Jamar Johnson, Indiana

Not quite as heralded as some of the other top safeties, he’s not the athlete that Oregon’s Jevon Holland is and he doesn’t have Trevon Moehrig’s talent, but he makes a whole lot of plays. He’ll likely slip into a must-have on Day Three, but he’s worth a Friday pick.

26. S Hamsah Nasirildeen, Florida State

His knee. He should be okay, but he suffered an injury last year that dropped him down from a possible top 20 overall pick and the top safety to a potential Day Three guy. At 6-3 and 215 pounds with big hitting ability and the right attitude and personality, he’ll be a big-time find whenever teams figure out he’s still on the board.

25. CB Paulson Adebo, Stanford

Talent-wise, he has everything there to be the best corner in the draft outside of Patrick Surtain. So what’s the problem? He’s big, ridiculously fast, and he makes a ton of big plays. He didn’t play last year and was banged up. It’s been a while since he showed what he could do, and he fell off the radar.
Drafted By: New Orleans, 3rd round, 12 (76)

24. QB Davis Mills, Stanford

You’re not crazy to think the 6-4, 217-pounder might just have the best pure NFL passing tools outside of Trevor Lawrence. He’s got the size, the stature, and the ability to grow into a special value pick, but he’ll need a bunch of time and he’ll have to take his lumps to see what his upside really is.
Drafted By: Houston, 3rd round, 2 (66)

23. OT Walker Little, Stanford

When he was fully healthy, he looked and played like a possible top ten overall pick. But the injuries proved too costly and he hasn’t played in two years – he opted out last season. If he’s right, though, he’s got the size and talent to be a phenomenal pick just outside of the top 50.
Drafted By: Jacksonville 2nd round, 2 (45)

22. DT Tyler Shelvin, LSU

He’ll drop too far because he does just one thing – he holds the line. Don’t expect him to get in any backfield, and some might not dig the 6-2, 350-pound look, but he’ll stuff everything up the middle.

21. DE Rashad Weaver, Pitt

While he’s not the ideal technical pass rusher, and he’s not a flash considering his tweener size, he gets into the backfield in a variety of ways. He was banged up, but whenever he was healthy he produced and hit lots of guys behind the line. He’s a good-value pass rusher – even if that’s not until the third round.

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