Recruiting 2021: 5 Things That Matter After National Signing Day

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Recruiting 2021: 5 Things That Matter After National Signing Day

2021 Recruiting

Recruiting 2021: 5 Things That Matter After National Signing Day


1. Alabama’s recruiting class just dunked on your recruiting class

Put Texas A&M, Ohio State, Oregon, Clemson, Georgia and LSU in a bucket, pick one out, and you probably have the No. 2 class. There’s no questioning who’s No. 1.


Another year, another amazing Alabama recruiting class. However, unlike recent seasons when the Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State, and maybe a random year when USC or Florida State were loading up, this time around it really was Alabama and everyone else.

You’re going to hear a lot about how this might have been Nick Saban’s best recruiting class yet, and it could be. That’s asking too much, though, considering how good that 2017 class was …

Tua Tagovailoa, Najee Harris, Jedrick Willis, Alex Leatherwood, Dylan Moses, Xavier McKinney, Mac Jones, Henry Ruggs, and some DeVonta Smith guy.

Yeah, 2021, good luck matching that.

That one was considered miles ahead of Georgia, Michigan, and Ohio State, and as it turned out, two national championships came from that group.

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Personal belief – the whole star-system is overrated. Getting one five-star guy is great, but it gets too much hype. Get a slew of them, and then get a bunch of four-star guys. It’s all about the numbers.

That one Johnny Five-Star might be just okay. Give five, and if three of them live up to the hype, look out.

Alabama has at least four Star of the Class talents coming in, and it’s probably more like ten or so. But that’s what happens when you have a rock-solid proven track record of sending a gajillion guys to the NFL.

If you’re Nick Saban’s left tackle, you’re going to be a multi-millionaire pro. If you’re one of Nick Saban’s top three wide receives, you’re going to be a multi-millionaire pro.

That goes for the star Alabama defensive back, and middle linebacker, and running back, and even quarterback – which you couldn’t say until recently.

Basically, if you’re sick of Alabama being really awesome, you’re still not going to be happy.


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