Recruiting 2021: 5 Teams Crushing It This Recruiting Season

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Recruiting 2021: 5 Teams Crushing It This Recruiting Season

2021 Recruiting

Recruiting 2021: 5 Teams Crushing It This Recruiting Season


Who’s having a big recruiting season? Here are five teams and head coaches doing a fantastic job in 2021 after a mediocre 2020.

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You know who has the top 2021 recruiting classes without even looking.

If you guessed Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, and a whole slew of SEC schools, you’re right. But there are always schools who surprise in the process and come up with big, important classes that can shape a program and future conference races.

Sometimes the class looks good because of bulk signings, sometimes it’s talent, and sometimes it’s a good blend of both.

Here are five programs bringing in somewhat surprising classes to be among the best – even if they aren’t pushing Alabama – of the 2021 recruiting season.

5. Pitt Panthers

The ACC is Clemson’s show and everyone else is a guest – especially with Florida State having a rough time getting this recruiting thing going again – but North Carolina has been excellent with Mack Brown back and Miami is putting together a fantastic 2021 haul.

Suddenly, Pitt is right there knocking on the door with a potential top 5 – or better – ACC class.

Pitt usually comes up with decent classes, but it almost never gets the top tier talents who have their choice of any program. However, when you have one of the most devastating pass rushes in college football over the last few years, top defensive linemen will notice you.

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It helps to pump up that Pitt is Aaron Donald’s school, and it doesn’t hurt a class when his nephew – Elliot Donald – signs on. He’s not alone with a few other fantastic prospects coming in for the D line to go along with talent for the offensive front.

Depth and bulk play a factor here. Pitt needed to load up on recruits, but there’s quality to go along with the quantity.

And, yeah, it got another Donald at defensive tackle.

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