Big 12 College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

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Big 12 College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

Big 12

Big 12 College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing


Big 12 Recruiting Strengths


Defensive Backs
The defensive line was the main area of focus in Dave Aranda’s first class, and now this year’s version get a bit more for the secondary. He signed just four prospects, but that’s where the talent is.

Iowa State

Pass Catchers
Iowa State didn’t go all that heavy in any one area, but it landed a few good receivers in the quick Jaylin Noel and the big, Cyclone-style Tristan Michaud. With tight end a star position in the offense, Tyler Moore should be the next man up very soon.


Defensive Backs
Wide receiver is a close second, but the Jayhawks are going to figure out how to start stopping a passing game with a whole slew of defensive backs coming in. Les Miles signed seven or so – there could be some movement – with a few who should play roles right away.

Kansas State

Defensive Backs
If last year was mostly about building up the infrastructure and the lines, this class was about getting the pass defense to be something bigger. There’s help from the JUCO ranks to fill in right away, and there’s a good blend of versatile options overall to play around with.


Wide Receivers
The rich truly get richer. Like Oklahoma doesn’t already have a ton of young, good receivers, and now it’s bringing in three more in Mario Williams, Cody Jackson, and Jalin Farooq who’d start right away for just about everyone else in the conference. The machine isn’t stopping.

Oklahoma State

Wide Receivers
The place has a reputation for cranking out high-octane receivers who come up with lots and lots of big plays – amazing that good wideouts want to go there. There isn’t the talent at the position that Oklahoma was able to land, but there are more prospects, they’re almost all big, and there’s enough to keep the passing attack rolling.


Passing Game
The Horned Frogs are making a big, big push to load up the passing attack. It already has a QB in Max Duggan, it’s bringing Oklahoma’s Chandler Morris in from the transfer portal, and it signed two quarterbacks to build for the future. The three receivers signed a big and fit the Horned Frog style.


Defensive Backs
There aren’t a ton of them, but the DBs bring brought in have excellent upside, the wide receivers are potentially great, and in terms of position strength, it all depends on where Ja’Tavion Sanders ends up playing. There’s a bit of high-end talent for almost everywhere.

Texas Tech

Tight Ends
The position has always been hit-or-miss as a part of the program’s style over the years, but two very big targets – 6-8 Mason Tharp and 6-7 Jed Castles – are being brought in with the potential of bulking up and working on the O line, or with the skill to work as matchup problems for – possibly – star QB recruit Behren Morton.

West Virginia

Defensive Ends
The Mountaineers got some fantastic running back prospects – Jaylen Anderson and Justin Johnson are the stars – but the defensive ends are the priority with a slew of hybrid pass rushers who can move around where needed.

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