Big 12 College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

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Big 12 College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing

Big 12

Big 12 College Football Recruiting: Team Rankings, Top Players, Biggest Strengths, What's Missing


How did all of the Big 12 teams do this recruiting season? Here are the recruiting rankings for the conference, along with the stars for each team, top players, and biggest strengths.

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2021 Big 12 Recruiting Rankings, Breakdown

No, really. How good were the Big 12 classes this 2021 recruiting season?

1. Oklahoma

Once again, Oklahoma dominated the conference recruiting by a mile helped by the coaching uncertainty at Texas throughout the process and with the rest of the Big 12 being the rest of the Big 12. There’s more for the already-great passing game, more pass rushers, and more talent with the top ten Sooner signings stronger than anything the rest of the Big 12 – maybe without Texas – can put together combined.

2. Texas

It’s fine. Compared to the rest of the Big 12 it’s great, compared to Oklahoma it’s just okay, and considering the coaching uncertainty, it’s a solid class. It’s not nearly as huge as the 2019 version, and last year’s class cranked up the speed and talent level, but this one has a whole lot of athletes, a lot for the defense backfield and receiver, and the lines will be left for future classes.

3. West Virginia

The first class under Neal Brown was mostly about infrastructure, but this one is going after the future stars for the skill spots with good running backs, a few nice tight ends, and the pass rushers to be more disruptive. No, the Mountaineers aren’t going to compete with Oklahoma and Texas for talent, but they got enough great prospects to be among the best of the league’s other eight teams.

4. Oklahoma State

The secondary got enough talent to see a decent upgrade going forward, and there were a whole lot of receiver prospects. There’s not a ton of high-end talent, but the program never gets the big-time five-star types and it still does more than fine. It’s a very good class, but it’s not close to what Oklahoma was able to get and it doesn’t have high-end talent of Texas.

5. Kansas

The recruiting has been building. Les Miles upgraded the talent level in last year’s class, and this one takes things up a few notches with a whole slew of defensive backs who could’ve played anywhere in the Big 12, and with a nod to the passing game with a few quarterbacks to develop along with some good-looking receivers.

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6. Iowa State

It’s another class of solid Iowa State prospects without a whole slew of superstars, but there are just enough good players to develop into what the program does. RB Eli Sanders is more of a quick back than the usual pounder, and the few offensive linemen brought in are good.

7. TCU

If the 2019 class was about quantity, and the 2002 class was about quality, this one is in the middle. There’s enough skill talent to add to the mix to build around for the near future, and as always under Gary Patterson, write the positions for the prospects in pencil – they’ll be moved around where they’ll fit best.

8. Kansas State

Lsat year was about getting bodies and building things up under head coach Chris Klieman, but this time around the class is looking to do more to upgrade the overall talent level. QB Jake Rubley is the main man for the near future and the star to build around, but the defense got the most bulk talent.

9. Texas Tech

You never want to rely on two players to make a recruiting class, but it’s all about QB Behren Morton and RB Cam’Ron Vadez. They’re the two high-end talents who could’ve gone almost anywhere, and they’re what take this class from okay to potentially strong.

10. Baylor

The class a few years ago was strong, there wasn’t any time for Dave Aranda to work in 2020, and now this season’s class is just sort of okay. The hope was for the full season to load up would lead to something big, but it’s a smallish haul of prospects without any sure-thing superstars.

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