Why Is It SO Hard For Tennessee To Find A Head Coach, 5 Candidate Ideas: Daily Cavalcade

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Why Is It SO Hard For Tennessee To Find A Head Coach, 5 Candidate Ideas: Daily Cavalcade

College Football Cavalcade

Why Is It SO Hard For Tennessee To Find A Head Coach, 5 Candidate Ideas: Daily Cavalcade


5 Candidate Ideas For The Tennessee Head Coaching Job

The Will Never, Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever, EVER Happen, Buuuuuut … Guy: Peyton Manning

No. Of course not. I’m sorry to waste your time, and we’ll soon move on to bigger, better, smarter things …

It’s at least worth a “hey, by any chance …” conversation.

There’s absolutely no reason why the guy who has the best job in the world – being Peyton Manning – would have any interest in the headaches and hassles of being a major college football coach, and there’s nothing to suggest that the guy who has never been a major college football coach can actually do this, but if he says he wants the job – or the athletic director gig – it’s done.

That’s, of course, NEVER going to happen, and neither is this, but …

You’re Not Going To Get Him But You HAVE To Try Guy: Eric Bieniemy

By the time you’re reading this, the current Kansas City Chief offensive coordinator might be the Houston Texan head coach. But …

You have to try.

He’s destined to be a pro head man somewhere, and Tennessee would have to be talking at least $7 million to get him in the door, but he’s it. He’s the guy. He’s got the exact right personality and talent to be a dream college head coach who’d throw a mega-scare into the rest of the SEC, but …

You’re not going to get him, so …

Hot Name Guy: Jamey Chadwell

The guy fits, and if you’re Tennessee, you don’t want to be the program that doesn’t at least make a run at the head man who might just be the next big giant thing.

The Coastal Carolina head coach turned the program into a stunning power in just a few years with his systems all working. The hire would satisfy the base – considering he was right there for South Carolina and it didn’t happen – and again, you don’t want to miss out on the tech stock that could possibly go through the roof.

The If You Can Explain To Me How He Doesn’t Have A Big Gig Yet, I’m All Ears Guy: Bill Clark

No, really. How is the guy who took UAB from a coma to two Conference USA championships, three division titles, and 34 wins in four years still at UAB?

You want the coach who has dealt with harder issues than Tennessee and succeeded? You want a Coach of the Year in two of the last four years because, you know, he was one of the best college football coaches in those years, here you go.

But let’s stop playing around here. We know what’s going to happen, so …

The Totally Obvious, Let’s Cut To The Chase And Through All The Hoo-Ha, Next Tennessee Head Football Coach Guy: Hugh Freeze

The last thing Tennessee wants as it’s heading into possible NCAA issues is to start a new era with the guy who was at the head of an Ole Miss program that’s just coming out of its own problems, but … whatever.

I don’t think he’s that great – it’s not like Ole Miss won anything big when he was there – but he did lead Liberty to a 10-1 season, was 10-2 in his one run at Arkansas State with a Sun Belt Championship, and we all know that the fan base really wants him, Tennessee really wants him, and he REALLY wants this job, so let’s get to the part where Ross and Rachel start dating already.

Maybe it’s because of everything going on in the real world, but I’ve long ago gotten past the idea of NCAA violations – as long as actual laws aren’t being broken – being anything but silly.

If nothing else, if Tennessee doesn’t hire Freeze, and the new guy isn’t great, it’ll just make the whole situation an even bigger problem.

Good luck, Tennessee. This is going to be interesting … again.

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