Ohio State vs Alabama 10 Thoughts, Live Updates, Reactions: National Championship

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Ohio State vs Alabama 10 Thoughts, Live Updates, Reactions: National Championship

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Ohio State vs Alabama 10 Thoughts, Live Updates, Reactions: National Championship


Ohio State vs Alabama 10 thoughts, live updates, reactions: 2nd Quarter

Second Quarter Reaction, Alabama 35-17
Ohio State doesn’t have the guys, and it doesn’t have the defensive answers – obviously. The overall talent is there on the Buckeyes, but Justin Fields is not right, not having Trey Sermon is a problem, losing future All-Pro guard Wyatt Davis hurts, and the defense isn’t even remotely close to having any ideas to slow down the Tide machine.

It’s still possible for the Buckeyes to get back in this, but they have to generate a stop when Bama gets the ball in the second half, and Fields has to be much, much better after completing 6-of-15 passes for 90 yards. One Bama TD to open the second half, and it’s done.

DeVonta Smith is coming up with an all-time great performance, Alabama 35-17 1:48
This has become beyond ridiculous. Mac Jones is now 22-of-25 for 319 yards and four touchdowns in the first half, and it helps that DeVonta Smith is having one the most amazing first 30 minute runs in college football history. 12 catches, 215 yards, and three touchdowns. Alabama is setting a pace that no one can keep up with.

DeVonta Smith is wearing Shaun Wade as a hat, Alabama 28-17 3:19
11 catches, 173 yards and two touchdowns – DeVonta Smith is having himself a first half for the ages. Ohio State corner Shaun Wade is an NFL starting corner who said he wanted to go against the best, and he’s having a nightmare of a night. Give credit to the play-calling of Steve Sarkisian, and give credit to Mac Jones who’s 19-of-22 for 259 yards and three scores, but Smith is unstoppable and the Buckeye D has no answers.

Justin Fields is struggling. Alabama 21-17, 5:26
Jake Seibert hit the short field goal, but that’s not going to cut it. Justin Fields is nowhere near sharp enough. He’s getting enough time, and he has receivers open enough, but he’s missing going just 5-of-12 for 86 yards and he should’ve been picked off in the end zone. Ohio State can’t win this unless he’s a whole lot better in a big hurry.

Ohio State has a field goal problem, 6:17
It’s third and 11 deep in Alabama territory and the Buckeyes had to come up with something big with two kickers out and with Jake Seibert yet to kick a field goal. The O has to keep pressing and taking chances, and then it got the big break with a targeting call helping to bail out the Buckeyes. Jordan Battle is Bama’s third-leading tackler, and he cranked up an all-timer of a targeting hit.

Najee Harris is so, so good. Alabama 21-14, 9:00
I know the world is gushing over DeVonta Smith – and rightly so – but I’m a Najee Harris guy. He was No. 2 on my Heisman ballot and really should’ve been No. 1. He’s always making something positive happen whenever he gets the ball in his hands, he’s a terrific receiver when needed, and he’s a touchdown machine with his second of the game for the Tide lead. Oh, by the way, I’m a cake over frosting guy, too.

Touchdown Master Teague, and … 14-14 11:43
Teague got his second touchdown run of the night, but credit the Ohio State offensive line for blasting away for the score. Teague just ran really, really hard – he has a bit more power than Trey Sermon – and now we’re tied.

Are you not entertained? We’re tied at 14 with a whole slew of big, fun plays in the first 20 minutes.

THERE’S the Ohio State defense at the exact right time, 11:54
Mac Jones didn’t read the blitz, ran right into Baron Browning, and fumbled. Jones wasn’t so much as breathed on so far, and then he gave up the ball to the Buckeyes on the Bama 23. Ohio State HAS to get a TD off of this and tie it up. It has to take advantage of every opportunity.

Ohio State is struggling to find a groove, and Bama is getting to Justin Fields, 12:40
And here’s the difference. Ohio State isn’t coming within a mile of Mac Jones, and Fields is getting bounced around a bit. Fields was able to come up with a good throw under pressure, but he got sandwiched on third down and missed his third down play. Now the Buckeyes have to give the ball back – they can’t lose their serve too many more times.

Trey Sermon is going to the hospital, 13:54
Master Teague is running well, and the offensive front is getting the job done, but the Buckeyes will be without their star running back who was so good over the last few games. Ohio State can’t afford to lose key parts – it’s deep, but it’s going to take scores on every drive. Teague has to be amazing – he has 25 yards and a TD so far.

How do you lose DeVonta Smith? Bama 14-7, 14:49
It’s not like the guy is the Heisman-winner or anything. Give Bama offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian credit for designing a few terrific plays to get the guy open, but Smith was able to somehow disappear and make a wide open catch in the red zone and get the score to take the lead. Smith already has six catches for 83 yards and a touchdown.

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