Ohio State vs Alabama 10 Thoughts, Live Updates, Reactions: National Championship

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Ohio State vs Alabama 10 Thoughts, Live Updates, Reactions: National Championship

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Ohio State vs Alabama 10 Thoughts, Live Updates, Reactions: National Championship


Ohio State vs Alabama: 10 thoughts, live updates, reactions during the College Football Playoff National Championship.

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Ohio State vs Alabama: College Football Playoff National Championship

Ohio State vs Alabama 10 thoughts, live updates, reactions: 4th Quarter

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And that’s it. Alabama 52, Ohio State 24
Alabama outgained the Buckeyes 622 yards to 341, had the ball for almost 37 minutes, and put on one of the greatest offensive performances you’ll ever see. Ohio State came up with one stop on a fumble recovery, and that was it. It was fun for a quarter, and it was interesting early in the second half, but this was all Alabama, this was all the Crimson Tide offense, and it’s another national title for Nick Saban and the program.

Bench clearing time, 3:29
Mac Jones comes out and Bryce Young is in. 36-of-45, 464 yards, five touchdowns, no interceptions, and just that one fumble as the lone negative. Now he’s a national champion starting quarterback.

Alabama is just that amazing, 5:48
Social media is all up in arms over Alabama winning again. Appreciate it the same way you might have appreciated Tiger Woods when he was rocking and rolling. It’s really, really, really hard to do this. It’s not a given that any team can ever be awesome on a regular basis – how’d LSU do this year? This has been so fantastic a run. This is college football greatness.

DeVonta Smith is back … on the sidelines, 6:49
It looks like he has a broken hand – or a finger – and now he’s in sweats on the sidelines. 12 catches for 215 yards and three touchdowns will be his national championship as he made this title game all his. That’s as good a half of college football as you’ll ever see in a big game like this.

That was the drive the NFL guys will like out of Justin Fields, 7:45
Justin Fields is hurting, the game is over, and he’s still battling and he’s still trying to make something out of this game. The drive took too much time off the clock, and it was far too deliberate, and Fields fired a too-hard throw when he just had to relax and deliver a TD pass on what should’ve been an easy play on fourth down. It was still a strong drive.

The Buckeyes need to pick up the pace, 9:54
It’s a lost cause at this point down four touchdowns, but with the main guys still in and the team continuing to try, there can’t be such a deliberate pace to the offense. The O is moving, but there’s just nine minutes to play. If you’re still trying, then why not play it like you’re really trying and not just for some sort of positive finish?

Ohio State needs to think about taking out Justin Fields, 12:56
He’s not going to want to keep on pushing, but Ohio State is down four touchdowns, and he’s banged up. He’s making the open throws, and he’s keeping the chains moving a bit, but he needed to be The Guy tonight, and he just wasn’t. Bama’s D had a lot to do with it, but he’s had to gut it out with that hip injury that never seemed to be right.

Najee Harris runs in another touchdown, Alabama 52-24, 13:41
There wasn’t any chance. The Alabama offensive front was able to provide a little bit of a crease, Harris took the ball, and slipped his way in for his second rushing score and his third touchdown on the night. He only has 75 yards on 20 carries, but he was dominant.

The Buckeyes are trying, but … 14:30
Alabama had it on the Ohio State 15, Jones threw a strike for a first down, and it becomes all about just how high Bama can crank up the score. DeVonta Smith appears to be done for the night, and nothing stops.

Pregame | 1st Quarter
2nd Quarter | 3rd Quarter

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