Final Grades For Every College Football Team, Conference: How Did Everyone Do In 2020?

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Final Grades For Every College Football Team, Conference: How Did Everyone Do In 2020?

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Final Grades For Every College Football Team, Conference: How Did Everyone Do In 2020?


Pac-12 Team Season Grades: South

Arizona 2020 Season Grade: D

2020 Record: 0-5
CFN 2020 Preseason Ranking
: 37
CFN 2020 Final Rankings
: 90

The only reason why it’s not an F is because of a strong opening performance in a 34-30 loss to USC on the road. The Wildcats weren’t awful against UCLA or Colorado, either, but no wins, a 70-7 loss to Arizona State, and a fired coach … that’s not a fun season.
2019 Final Grade: D+

Arizona State 2020 Season Grade: B

2020 Record: 2-2
CFN 2020 Preseason Ranking
: 64
CFN 2020 Final Rankings
: 35
2019 Final Grade: B

The Sun Devils only played four games, but they almost had USC in a wild opener, lost a thriller to UCLA, and annihilated their arch-rival Arizona 70-7. This was a good team that didn’t get a shot to do more.

Colorado 2020 Season Grade: B+

2020 Record: 4-2
CFN 2020 Preseason Ranking
: 59
CFN 2020 Final Rankings
: 30
2019 Final Grade: C+

For what the program had to work with in this weird, shortened season, it was as close to as fantastic as possible for Karl Dorrell’s first run. It went 4-0, lost to Utah, and lost to Texas in the bowl game – that’s fine. It was a campaign to build on.

UCLA 2020 Season Grade: B-

2020 Record: 3-4
CFN 2020 Preseason Ranking: 57
CFN 2020 Final Rankings: 32
2019 Final Grade: D+

Another losing record might not be all that great, but all four losses were really, really, really close. The program became far more competitive under Chip Kelly, the offense worked, the defense wasn’t bad, and even in the shortened season it was a fun run.

USC 2020 Season Grade: B

2020 Record: 5-1
CFN 2020 Preseason Ranking: 13
CFN 2020 Final Rankings: 24
2019 Final Grade: B

The wins might not have been smooth, but the team found ways to win. However, in the one game the team had to have, it clunked. It wasn’t like this was a special Oregon team, and the Trojans couldn’t come up with the Pac-12 Championship victory at home. That was it. That was what the season was about but going 5-1 was hardly awful.

Utah 2020 Season Grade: B

2020 Record: 3-2
CFN 2020 Preseason Ranking: 26
CFN 2020 Final Rankings: 27
2019 Final Grade: A-

It was supposed to be a bit of a rebuilding year, and Utah had the rough break of not being able to start until late November. The early losses to USC and Washington were to two of the Pac-12’s best teams, and then the team improved enough to start rolling just in time for the season to be over.

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