2021 Clemson Football Schedule: Analysis, Best and Worst Case Scenarios

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2021 Clemson Football Schedule: Analysis, Best and Worst Case Scenarios


2021 Clemson Football Schedule: Analysis, Best and Worst Case Scenarios


Breaking down and analyzing the 2021 Clemson Tigers football schedule with the best and worst case scenarios.

2021 Clemson Football Schedule

Full schedule analysis with best and worst scenarios below

Sept. 4 Georgia (in Charlotte)

Sept. 11 South Carolina State

Sept. 18 Georgia Tech

Sept. 25 at NC State

Oct. 2 Boston College


Oct. 15 at Syracuse

Oct. 23 at Pitt

Oct. 30 Florida State

Nov. 6 at Louisville

Nov. 13 UConn

Nov. 20 Wake Forest

Nov. 27 at South Carolina

Dec. 4 ACC Championship (in Charlotte)

Games vs. The Coastal: Georgia Tech, at Pitt

Missed Teams From The Coastal: Duke, Miami, North Carolina, Virginia, Virginia Tech

Clemson Tigers Football Schedule Analysis: It’s Clemson, so everyone on the schedule is freaked out about having to play the national championship-level team, but dealing with Georgia to open the season matters. That’s a talent-even game that’s a far bigger showdown for the SEC side – Clemson can lose this, run the table and be fine and Georgia has a much tougher road the rest fo the way.

There’s no North Carolina on the Tiger slate, going to NC State and South Carolina will garner some interest, and five of the last nine games are on the road, but … whatever. Clemson will be a double-digit favorite against everyone but the Dawgs.

Clemson Tigers Football Schedule Best Case Scenario: 12-0. There’s that Georgia game, and a whole lot of four-foot putts. They’re not all going to be easy – there’s always at least one weird close call game against a vastly inferior team – but it’ll take something amazing for anyone on this slate other than UGA to pull off a win,

Clemson Tigers Football Schedule Worst Case Scenario: 9-3. Realistically, the worst case scenario is 10-2 with a loss to Georgia and one major slip-up along the way, but that’s a bit too aggressive. Maybe if injuries strike, or if Pitt has a big day from its pass rush at home, or thing could get dicey if Florida State or South Carolina rock in the right moment, but there’s no Notre Dame or North Carolina or Virginia Tech.


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