Oklahoma vs Florida: Goodyear Cotton Bowl 10 Thoughts On OU 55-20 Win

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Oklahoma vs Florida: Goodyear Cotton Bowl 10 Thoughts On OU 55-20 Win

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Oklahoma vs Florida: Goodyear Cotton Bowl 10 Thoughts On OU 55-20 Win


Oklahoma 55 Florida 20. The 10 ten thoughts about the Oklahoma win over Florida in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic.

Oklahoma 55 Florida 20: Goodyear Cotton Bowl

10. Several things can be true at once here.

Yes, Florida was missing way too many of its top players. Yes, it’s almost impossible to just Next Man Up it when you’re replacing too many key parts. Yes, teams that lose the SEC Championship normally don’t get up for the bowl game after getting their hearts ripped out – going 2-4 in the last six bowl games. Yes, Florida didn’t have any real answers after making a good-fight mini-comeback early on, and yes, they really, really, really weren’t the team that was so strong throughout the 2020 regular season. 

And …

9. Yes, it can be true that Oklahoma is very, very good right now.

It’s a different team than it was at the beginning of the season. It’s sharper, it took advantage of the opportunity, and it did what a good team is supposed to do in a situation like this and win and win big. It’s not Oklahoma’s fault that a bunch of Florida players didn’t want to play in this.

8. One game like this isn’t going to change anything, but …

The College Football Playoff needs to be expanded so it includes all Power Five conference champions. Yeah, yeah, yeah, again, all of those things about Florida are true, but as sharp as the Sooners were and the way they played, it’s not crazy to think they could do some damage in a bigger sort of tournament. 

7. This is why the voting needs to be done after the bowls.

Kyle Trask had a marvelous season, it wasn’t his fault the top four receivers were gone, and there wasn’t anything he could do in a game like this, but he’s a finalist, and he went 16-of-28 for 158 yards and three interceptions with no touchdown passes. 

6. The Florida coaching staff tried.

It got quirky, it threw a bunch of things at the wall to try fixing the glitch, and Emory Jones at least gave Gator fans hope. He only hit 8-of-16 passes, but he tied for the team lead with 60 rushing yards on 11 carries. He made the game interesting in the rotation. 

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