College Football Playoff Chase: Who's Still Alive After Week 9

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College Football Playoff Chase: Who's Still Alive After Week 9

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College Football Playoff Chase: Who's Still Alive After Week 9


One loss teams that have a shot … technically

Run the table and finish the season with one loss and a conference championship, and that should get the job done. If any of these teams win out and take a Power Five championship, it’ll be almost a near-certain lock to get in. Lose again, though, and that’s it.

Florida (3-1)

When it’ll all be over: If it’s not this week against Georgia, then you’re going to have to wait until the SEC Championship. A two-loss season if the loss to – say, Alabama – in the title game might still get it done.

Georgia (4-1)

When it’ll all be over: See the Florida write-up and apply to the Dawgs.

Maryland (1-1)

When it’ll all be over: Who say that coming against Minnesota? That was fun, but at Penn State and Ohio State are up next.

Miami (5-1)

When it’ll all be over: This might not be a high-flying Hurricane team, but it’s solid. It’ll lose once over the next month with three road games in the next four, including away games against NC State and Virginia Tech next.

Michigan (1-1)

Will it happen? Don’t bury the Wolverines quite yet. They’re still better than Indiana – that’s up next – and who knows what shape Wisconsin is going to be in. Penn State is at home, and they’re not going to lose to Rutgers or Maryland. In other words, don’t be shocked if they’re 6-1 going into the Ohio State game/loss.

Michigan State (1-1)

When it’ll all be over: Wow … okay. It seemed like it would be all over with a trip to Ann Arbor, but nope. Going to Iowa against a desperate 0-2 team is a problem, and Indiana is up next, but all of a sudden, it’s possible

Nebraska (0-1)

When it’ll all be over: At least the team is rested. It almost certainly will miss Wisconsin – that’s a nice break – but still has to deal with Penn State. However, that’s in Lincoln, and there isn’t a game on the slate that’s not winnable.

Oklahoma State (4-1)

Will it happen? Nope. Four of the last five games are on the road with Kansas State and Oklahoma up the next two weeks.

Rutgers (1-1)

Will it happen? It’s Rutgers. That it is even on this part of the list is a minor miracle. That ends at Ohio State next week.

Texas A&M (5-1)

When it’ll all be over: As the warning keeps being sounded, watch out. The Aggies have to go to South Carolina and Tennessee, they’re better than those two, Ole Miss and LSU are winnable, and it all closes out against Auburn on the road. Don’t be shocked if that date in Jordan-Hare is for 9-1 and a shot at being right on the CFP doorstep.

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