College Football Roundup Week 5: 5 Things That Matter, Winners, Losers, Overrated, Underrated

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College Football Roundup Week 5: 5 Things That Matter, Winners, Losers, Overrated, Underrated

Week 5

College Football Roundup Week 5: 5 Things That Matter, Winners, Losers, Overrated, Underrated


1. What It All Means: Week 5

Do we already have the great teams figured out?

In a year full of curveballs, is college football serving up a 71-mile-per-hour beach ball right over the plate?

Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, Florida. For right now, that’s it, right?

Of course, talent-wise, throw Ohio State in there, but considering what happened to LSU, Oklahoma and Texas to start the year, we’ll need to see it first before putting it into the Clemson/Alabama territory.

Oh it’ll be there, but again, let’s wait just a smidge, see what happens in the opener against Nebraska, and then it gets its spot in the high-rent district.

There might be a Wisconsin here (14th in the latest Coaches Poll) or an Oregon there (17th) or USC (WAAAAYYYY low at 28th) or Michigan (19th) or Penn State (8th) who haven’t played yet who could rise up and take over, but they’re all going to have to be special to get a condo in the high-rent district.

The Florida D and Georgia O have to be stronger, but that’s a little bit of nitpicking. Either one could win the SEC title and go on to the CFP.

Meanwhile, Clemson and Alabama are ripping through everything in their respective paths without breaking so much as a sweat.

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Now here’s the really, really fun part about all of this – and this season, more than ever before. All of those sure-thing, no-brainer, put-them-in-the-CFP-already teams are going to have to earn it.

Alabama might have been a world beater against Texas A&M, but now it’s on to Oxford to deal with a fantastic Ole Miss offense. And then Georgia. And then at Tennessee. And then against the Mike Leach Mississippi State thing, and then at LSU. That’s all before the finishing kick that includes Auburn.

You’re absolutely right to have complained about Clemson’s light schedule over the last few years. Not this year. Miami is up next, at Notre Dame is dangerous, Pitt is fun, and going to Virginia Tech will be a fight all before having to play an ACC Championship game – assuming it gets there.

Florida vs. Georgia are coming up in a few weeks, and they each have major landmines to get through, too.

We just saw Oklahoma go 0-2 in the Big 12 this weekend.

We just saw Arkan-fricking-sas beat a Mississippi State team that rolled up LSU.

We just say TCU beat Texas, Tulsa beat Oklahoma, and we’re about to get a whole lot more of that.

It’s not time to crown the sure-thing College Football Playoff teams quite yet.

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