College Football Playoff Chase: Who's Still Alive After Week 7

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College Football Playoff Chase: Who's Still Alive After Week 7

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College Football Playoff Chase: Who's Still Alive After Week 7


One loss teams that have a shot … technically

Run the table and finish the season with one loss and a conference championship, and that should get the job done. Lose again, and unless there’s a miracle, it’s all over. If any of these teams win out and take a Power Five championship, it’ll be almost a near-certain lock to get in.

Baylor (1-1)

When it’ll all be over: When it starts playing again, it’ll lose to either Oklahoma State this week or at Texas to follow.

Florida (2-1)

When it’ll all be over: It might be a while if it can beat Georgia in Jacksonville on November 7th. Arkansas isn’t a layup, but it’s at home, and the Tennessee game is on the road, but it’s all about the not-supposed-to-call-it-the Cocktail Party.

Georgia (3-1)

When it’ll all be over: Like Florida, it’s all about the November 7th game. aAs long as there’s not a miss at Kentucky on Halloween or at South Carolina on Thanksgiving weekend, everything will be okay.

Iowa State (3-1)

When it’ll all be over: Either at Oklahoma State on October 24th, against Kansas State  on November 21st. If it’s still alive after that, there’s still at Texas and West Virginia to deal with.

Kansas State (3-1)

When it’ll all be over: If the team can get past the loss of starting QB Skylar Thompson, the Wildcats might be around for a while. However, going to West Virginia and Iowa State before Thanksgiving will be tough.

Miami (4-1)

When it’ll all be over: Either at NC State or at Virginia Tech in the first few weeks of November. Get past those two, though, and it might be smooth sailing until the regular season finale against North Carolina.

North Carolina (3-1)

When it’ll all be over: Well, if you can lose to Florida State anything is possible. However, if the Tar Heels play up to their talent level, they should get to the Notre Dame game over Thanksgiving weekend still alive.

NC State (4-1)

When it’ll all be over: QB Devin Leary is out with a broken leg, so this week at North Carolina is a problem. It’ll lose either this week or next week against Miami. However, beat those two, and the Pack probably won’t lose the rest of the way.

Texas A&M (4-1)

When it’ll all be over: The Aggies play a slew of 50/50 SEC games with road trips to South Carolina and Tennessee, but they should be favored in every game the rest of the way.

Virginia Tech (3-1)

When it’ll all be over: Look out. The team is starting to hum, the offense is great, and considering Miami and Clemson come to Blacksburg … nah. It won’t happen – it’ll lose one of those two – but it’ll come close.

West Virginia (3-1)

When it’ll all be over: If the Mountaineers can get by Texas Tech on the road, it’ll be over either at home against Kansas State or at Texas.

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