Big Ten Football Preview Keys To Every Team: Offense

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Big Ten Football Preview Keys To Every Team: Offense

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Big Ten Football Preview Keys To Every Team: Offense


Biggest Key To The Rutgers Scarlet Knights Offense

Get to 400 yards. First, the offense under the new coaching staff has to be able to hit 300 yards on a regular basis after averaging just 273 per game.

Scoring was a problem, long drives were a problem, turnovers were a huge problem, passing inefficiency was a problem, a steady running game was a problem – everything was a problem.

But offense has been a steady issue for years. Considering the defense has rarely been a rock, and it won’t be special this year, the O just has to keep things moving.

Rutgers came up with over 400 yards of total offense just twice last year – and those were the two games it won.

The O generated over 400 yards just once in 2018 – and that was the only game it won.

Over the last four seasons, Rutgers is 5-0 when it gets to that 400-yard mark, because that’s what it usually takes just to stay alive in most games.

To take this even further, lower the bar a bit to 397 yards, and the program is 21-3 when it gets there going back to the 2013 opener against Fresno State.

Biggest Key To The Wisconsin Badgers Offense

Seriously, Wisconsin … DON’T TURN THE BALL OVER. Most good programs will screw up with a turnover, and then life goes on. Wisconsin might be able to get by a Purdue or a Northwestern – at least last year – after giving it up a few times, but it almost never gets beaten by anyone outside of the elite if it doesn’t screw it up.

Losing twice to Ohio State is losing twice to Ohio State – no big whoop. But the Badgers controlled Illinois, had the thing in hand, and blew it with two bad late turnovers and with three in all.

Watch the Rose Bowl against Oregon, and outside of the four giveaways, try to figure out how Wisconsin possibly gacked that thing away.

The program lost nine games over the last two seasons – it was -15 in turnover margin in those nine. In the 18 wins over the last two years, it was +16, finishing tied for last in the nation in lost fumbles in 2019.

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