10 Best College Football Predictions: Point Total Picks Week 8

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10 Best College Football Predictions: Point Total Picks Week 8

College Football Predictions

10 Best College Football Predictions: Point Total Picks Week 8


What ten games appear to be the best bets and the best point total picks going into Week 8? Here you go. Enjoy.

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10. Syracuse at Clemson

Point Total: 62
PICK: Over
Bet on this, BetMGM latest line

I’m a firm believer that if you’re handed 46.5 points – like Syracuse is getting – you take them and you hope for the best. However, throw that out the window with this over call.

That against the spread pick is a theory and a general rule – keep taking the underdog with those points and you’ll come out ahead in the long haul. However …

Clemson – you know, 73-7 over Georgia Tech, Clemson – could stop trying and put up 63 in this and take the over by itself. Of course, your worry is a 52-3 type of win, or a 41-6 game that’s over after the first quarter like last year’s win over the Orange.

If you can get just ONE touchdown out of the Orange, you probably have this. Or Clemson could just score touchdowns on its first nine possessions.

9. Nebraska at Ohio State

Point Total: 68
PICK: Under
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This is all about how much you believe in Nebraska.

Is this a new Husker team that can actually score on a consistent basis against a good team? You know Ohio State will hang more than 40, but that’s sort of the problem. It got to 48 last year against the Huskers and won 48-7. It could get to 50 this time around and keep the Huskers to 17 or fewer.

Remember, a whole slew of Buckeye layups last year didn’t crush the totals. Seven of the first eight games were easy wins and didn’t get to 68. Ten of the team’s 14 didn’t get there, and some of the ones that did were when the OSU offense went goofy – 76 points on Miami University and 73 against Maryland.

8. Florida State at Louisville

Point Total: 61
PICK: Under
Bet on this, BetMGM latest line

Just how much to do you believe in the Louisville offense that hasn’t scored more than 27 in any of its last three games? The defense couldn’t slow down Georgia Tech and got rolled by Miami, but last week it held firm in a 12-7 loss to Notre Dame.

Just how much do you believe that Florida State’s win over North Carolina is real? Even that relative shootout ended up getting to just 59 points. The Seminole offense just isn’t consistent enough to guarantee 30 points.

7.  Auburn at Ole Miss

Point Total: 72
PICK: Under
Bet on this, BetMGM latest line

Hopefully you’re old enough to remember when Ole Miss and Arkansas were supposed to blow past the 76-point total last week, and the two managed to get to just 54.

The Ole Miss defense has been a disaster, and its other three games annihilated the 72-point total, but Auburn likely won’t get into that type of battle. The Tiger D is good enough to keep this from getting brutal, and the offense has yet to score more than 30.

6. Cincinnati at SMU

Point Total: 56
PICK: Over
Bet on this, BetMGM latest line

It’s American Athletic Conference Over Fun, Part 1.

57? With an SMU team with its firepower?

Okay, that’s not a sure thing considering its game with Memphis should’ve been played in the high 80s, but SMU has yet to score fewer than 30 points and will keep pressing against the Bearcats.

Worried about Cincinnati? You should be. The defense is just that good, but the offense will get to at least 30. It might not be a 76-point shootout, but these two should be able to get you over the line.

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