10 Best College Football Predictions: Point Total Picks Week 7. Hint ... Go OVER

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10 Best College Football Predictions: Point Total Picks Week 7. Hint ... Go OVER

College Football Predictions

10 Best College Football Predictions: Point Total Picks Week 7. Hint ... Go OVER


What ten games appear to be the best bets and the best point total picks going into Week 7? Here you go. Enjoy.

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Read the room.

What’s happening this college football season that the investment world is capitalizing on?

Overs. Lots and lots and lots of overs. As in 20 of 27 key games last weekend went over, and mostly by a whole lot. That’s hardly been an outlier in a season with no defense, the offenses way ahead, and with crazy shootout after crazy shootout.

So let’s not fight the trend. Even if it doesn’t seem like it makes any sense, until this all changes the other way, go over. So while this is normally all about the best point total picks, this week, it’s finding the ten best overs.

If these games don’t go over, you can be sure that most of the others will.

Click on each game for the game preview and fearless prediction.

10. Texas State at South Alabama

Point Total: 58
PICK: Over
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Both teams have good, accurate defenses, and the two should play a fun game that will go down to the wire. Along the way, they’ll trade plenty of punches with offenses that can both throw without a problem. No Texas State game that didn’t hit overtime – like the 51-48 loss to UTSA – has hit 58, and none of the three South Alabama games have hit the mark. Whatever – these two are at the same level and should play in the 30s.

9. WKU at UAB

Point Total: 44.5
PICK: Over
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This one’s a little different from the other overs on the list. It’s not going to be a shootout, but the 44.5 total is so freaking low that it’s just begging you to dive in. Don’t get hung up on UAB allowing 23 points in the last two games, and don’t get into a twist over a WKU offense that’s incapable of scoring more than 24 points – two of its four games have rolled past 44.5. It’s not going to be easy, but tases two should get to 50.

8. UCF at Memphis

Point Total: 75
PICK: Over
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Bad Betting Advice 101: Take the over, just because you’re going to watch and it’ll be more fun. As amazing as the UCF offense is, only one of its three games moved past 75, and neither of the Memphis games have come close. Both teams have had time to prepare, and both teams should trade haymakers throughout as they play into the 40s.

7. Kansas at West Virginia

Point Total: 49.5
PICK: Over
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Really? 49.5? West Virginia might be able to get there all by itself. The offense might have struggled a bit against Oklahoma State and Baylor – scoring 40 point combined in the two games – but it hung up 56 against Eastern Kentucky to start the season, and more importantly, Kansas allowed 47 points in each of its last two games. You likely only need two Jayhawk touchdowns to hit the over with ease.

6. Duke at NC State

Point Total: 59
PICK: Over
Bet on this, BetMGM latest line

Duke might turn the ball over a bajillion times a week, but its games have been relatively high-scoring after two low-scoring clunkers to kick off the season. Over the last two weeks against Virginia Tech and Syracuse, the Blue Devil games early blew past 60 points. The last two NC State games got to 59 points, and the first two went way over.

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