Pac-12 Football Has A Shot At Returning In 2020 ... Maybe

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Pac-12 Football Has A Shot At Returning In 2020 ... Maybe


Pac-12 Football Has A Shot At Returning In 2020 ... Maybe


Will the Pac-12 return to play football in 2020? If it is, it is reportedly looking into trying to come back in November.

According to ESPN’s Heather Dinich, if the Pac-12 returns to play football this season, it wouldn’t happen until mid-to-late November, at the earliest.

Following a potential breakthrough with improved testing with faster and more reliable results, there’s still a shot the league might be able to play later this year.

It would require a full-on mobilization of the testing and best practices across the conference – a much, much bigger task than it might appear to be.

California and Oregon have to first be able to open up a bit more and allow the large gatherings needed to at least practice, but for the first time in weeks, there’s an opening now to potentially play.

There’s at least a glimmer of hope.

However, throw in the issues with a part of the country that’s on fire as we speak and the aftermath that will ensue, and this is hardly a sure thing to happen.

There’s also the issue of simply getting classes and school life back to some semblance of normalcy.

On the positive side, with all of the talk about the Big Ten potentially coming back and playing this season, the Pac-12 is showing that it’s still trying and still pushing to keep some semblance of the 2020 campaign alive.

At worst, the conference appears to have a coordinated and set plan going forward for either the spring or the 2021 fall season.


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