Cavalcade of Whimsy: Best GameDay Ever, We Got Through Week 1

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Cavalcade of Whimsy: Best GameDay Ever, We Got Through Week 1

College Football Cavalcade

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Best GameDay Ever, We Got Through Week 1


America’s newest family-friendly fun-time … Think, Know, Believe

I think D’Eriq King is going to be awesome and Miami will all of a sudden become a player in the ACC because of him.

I know Miami will beat a whole lot of okay teams to pump up its record.

I believe Miami won’t play for the ACC Championship.

I think the world isn’t ready for college football yet. There’s little to no buzz about the games themselves – people just aren’t there.

I know I’ve had too many “I didn’t watch one minute of college football last weekend” conversations.

I believe not having an NFL preseason has something to do with it – along with no Big Ten or Pac-12. The NFL guys are sensing that everything is down, too.

I think Louisiana is going to give Iowa State a whole lot of problems.

I know this season, more than ever, the lack of depth on the underdogs doesn’t matter so much right away.

I believe Billy Napier is going to be everyone’s hot head coaching prospect after this week.

I think the 2020 college football schedule is all screwy.

I know the Twitter bot that automatically promotes college football games that were either cancelled or postponed is all screwy.

I believe that I totally forgot about every Big Ten, Pac-12, Mountain West and MAC game being pumped up by Twitter, they’re all being played, and this whole thing is one big conspiracy to mess me up – and it’s working.

I think BYU just scored again.

I know it’s probably a good idea to tackle someone in practice.

I believe the lonely Navy third quarter field goal added to the sad of 2020.

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