Cavalcade of Whimsy: Big 12's Bad Day, College Football's Broadcast Issue

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Cavalcade of Whimsy: Big 12's Bad Day, College Football's Broadcast Issue

College Football Cavalcade

Cavalcade of Whimsy: Big 12's Bad Day, College Football's Broadcast Issue


Five Cavalcade of Whimsy footballey opinions and, like, other stuff

1. NOW who’s Tanking for Trevor?

19-of-20, 173 yards, three touchdowns, no interceptions, one win over Phil Rivers and Indianapolis.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have never, nor will I ever, believe in the whole Gardner Minshew thing, but the dude balls out, he was solid with a painfully depleted team, and he got the win for Jacksonville.

Of course you take Trevor Lawrence if you have the No. 1 overall pick next year if you’re the Jaguars – don’t be that guy who calls them the JAG-WIRES – but the team is already 1-0. What if it doesn’t get the top pick?

Miami won’t take Lawrence. Cleveland totally should, but it wouldn’t. The Jets should, but it probably wouldn’t. Who else is really going to be bad enough to get the first pick AND doesn’t already have a young franchise-caliber quarterback in place?

Cincinnati obviously wouldn’t do it. Carolina would do it in a heartbeat, but it’s probably not going to be miserably bad.

There’s going to be more drama with this than you might think.

2. And this wasn’t even the biggest problem for Kansas on Saturday

I’m the Never, Ever, EVER Go For 2 Unless You Absolutely Have To guy, but down 28-3 in the second half, I get Kansas going for two after its first touchdown against Coastal Carolina – it had to start scoring.

Down 28-11, it made no sense whatsoever to go for two to be down nine instead ten, but the team had the momentum and there was a whole fourth quarter to go.

But after pulling to 35-23 with seven minutes to play, going for two was absolutely unforgivable.

Yes, KU needed another touchdown and a two at some point, but miss – like it did – and it was all but dead.

Down 12, Les Miles took the field goal out of play for any sort of a rally. Instead of kicking the extra point to be down 11, the team needed two touchdowns instead of a touchdown+2 and a field goal.

3. And don’t get me started on Christmas.

I’m shopping around for a much better way to describe this season considering this is the best I’ve been able to come up with – it’s a tad too dark.

It’s like being kids of recently divorced parents going to two Thanksgivings.

You love everyone involved, and everyone’s going on like everything is normal and fine because the basics are there and it’s a functional meal. It’s just all not as carefree and fun as it’s supposed to be.

Like I said, I need help with something better.

With that said …

4. To turn the dial away from morose …

I’m sort of liking the no fan thing, to a point.

I’m definitely enjoying the NBA a whole lot more – it’s a better game when there aren’t 1,593 things trying to distract from the reality of how unnecessary and boring the thing really is until the final two minutes.

The epic Zverev-Thiem US Open final took on a whole other level of intensity when it was just two guys bashing each other to the brink of submission, and there’s something sort of cool watching NHL playoffs with everyone out there just playing hockey like they found some rink to get a game going.

And there’s definitely zero need whatsoever for bro-fans at golf tournaments yelling after every big drive.

Do we really need the college football crowd shots for tone-setting reaction? Sometimes, but not really. Focusing on the emotion of the players and coaches works so far.

With that said …

5. Quit making the no fan thing so weird.

Has anyone ever watched a normal Thursday bowl game in December? It’s friends and family only at most of them.

Is Texas State packing the house to the rafters? Maybe for UTSA it would, but most programs struggle just to get a few thousand bodies through the door.

In normal times, how many people actually show up for Miami’s date with UAB on a Thursday night?

The limited fan thing is going to be strange when the SEC starts up and when we finally get a massive conference game, but so far, considering the games we’ve been served, this hasn’t been that far away from normal.

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